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One thing you need to know if you are over 60!

Upanishads declare that who you are is – Life energy that moves and expands itself.  This is a truth that one needs to internalize especially if you are over 60 as this declares the immortality of all of us.

Immortality is our real nature

“Consciousness is the space where life energy moves and expands”.  This phrase needs to be very clearly understood.  The immortality of even the people who have not realized they are immortal is declared in this verse, because ‘Consciousness moves and expands’.  It does not say ‘where it dissolves or dies’.  No!  You moved and expanded never took birth or died.

Corruption in love

Consider, for example, the same vast land of planet earth, because each one is putting a fence, it becomes different.  It becomes different person’s land, group’s land, and nations’ land.  Same way, in your life, the idea of birth, youth, old age, and death, this fencing happens, because of corruption in love.

What we call Love when it is fenced:

  1. Compassion and Care : friendliness of mother
  2. Relationship : friendliness of another boy or girl
  3. Aloneness and Old Age : the non-existence of the so-called friendliness or compassion or relationship
  4. Death : impossibility of any of the above, even a corrupted form of love.

When the life energy is moving and expanding itself in Consciousness, the smell of the Consciousness is “friendliness”.  But when you divide them, in different, different, packets, your life energy starts feeling that, ‘At one day, when these possibilities are all denied to me, I am dead!’

If your life energy is made to believe that waking up in the morning, having your breakfast, have lunch and dinner, do a few activities, and sleeping is Life, it is a corruption that happened in the level of love.This corruption that happened in the love makes you believe that at one time you will not be able to perform these activities and that part of your life is “death”.  Whatever you perceive or are unable to perceive, based on that, you define your life.

Life is based on what exists

Life is not based on whatever you are able to perceive or unable to perceive; it is based on what exists.  Sometimes, your mother may not show friendliness.  That does not mean she has lost her love for you.  Sometimes the life energy may not provide the breakfast you want.  That does not mean it has killed you.

Labelling corrupts the truth

Actually, what you experience with your mother, beloved, the moment when you are in death-bed, everything is the same; but, with your fence, you separate them, divide them, label them individually, differently.  That labelling makes you feel you have life or you don’t have life.

If you believe eating is life, when you are not able to eat any more due to diabetes or hypertension or any other obesity disease, you feel your life is over, you are dead.  If you think sex is life, when your body is no more capable of performing, you think you are dead.  So, whatever fence you make and brand it, identify it as love, as life, that concept corrupts the truth “you just move and expand in the space”.

Only a person who understands this truth – ‘I neither have life nor have death’ – can really renounce.  Real renunciation is possible only when you understand that “the life energy moves and expands itself in space supporting all activities”.

Meditate on

  1. ‘What is the life energy, “Maatharishva” (मातरिश्वा), Upanishads declare, which is in me, which will just move and expand when I leave this body?
  2. What is that which entered into this body to use this body, which will move from this body and expand itself when I leave this body?


Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

Satsang : 27th Feb 2015

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