Published On: Tue, Aug 7th, 2018

Universalism of Hinduism

Empowering people everywhere; standing up for those who are religiously persecuted

Universalism is a fundamental underlying principle of Hinduism – the absolute, in idea that we are all part of the Oneness (Advaita) of this cosmos and anyone and everyone irrespective of their nationality, race, skin color, gender or any other skin-deep references can experience the powers that come from this Oneness with consciousness.  

Hinduism is essentially the spiritual science of realizing we are in Oneness with the cosmos. This cosmos is created by an Intelligence, hence being in Oneness with this intelligence grants us abilities of the intelligence itself, including powers that regular people may consider extraordinary. This intelligence is known as Sadashiva, the original author of the science of yoga. Hinduism believes that Sadashiva incarnates again and again on this earth to reintroduce the science of yoga to the world – we call this person an Avatar. The Avatar on the planet today – the 293rd incarnation of Sadashiva is Guru Maha Sannidhanam Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami.

Shastra pramana – Many paths

Rg Veda 1.164.46

इन्द्रं॑ मि॒त्रं वरु॑णम॒ग्निमा॑हु॒रथो॑ दि॒व्यः सु॑प॒र्णो ग॒रुत्मा॑न्
एकं॒ सद्विप्रा॑ बहु॒धा व॑दन्त्य॒ग्निं य॒मं मा॑त॒रिश्वा॑नमाहुः ॥४६॥

“ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti” – That which exists is One; sages call it by different names.

From Ishavashya Upanishad:

“Isha vasyam idam sarvam” – as explained by Guru Maha Sannidhanam Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the very first verse of Upanishads says “whatever exists is consciousness”.

In this spiritual science Hindu Universalism reveals that there are many paths to realizing this Oneness. Hinduism reveals multiple thought currents, each of which can lead to realization of the ultimate truth. Each Upanishad represents one thought current that can lead you to manifesting powers. Hinduism encompasses many different approaches under one umbrella – atheism, theism, rationalism, dualism, non-dualism, qualified non-dualism, pure devotion – you name it, it is a part of Hindu thought.

Since Hinduism encompasses every path to realizing Oneness with the divine, Sadashiva, we respect all religions. Hinduism believes that anyone who follows any one path sincerely can reach the ultimate truth.

Powers and Empowerment

Hinduism itself is about empowerment – making people truly realize how powerful they are. As such, it is truly the religion for those who feel marginalized or attacked, those who feel powerless or weak – it is a religion that will make you realize your true nature and through that make you understand how powerful you truly are. Hinduism is a religion of Power AND Peace.

Standing up against Religious Persecution Worldwide

In addition to being a spiritual science, it is also a social science. Hinduism believes in the sanctity of life. It is based on non-violence towards every life, human or otherwise – we do not eat food that comes from harming animals, and we do not wear clothing based on animal products.

Hinduism always stands for those who are marginalized, sidelined or attacked by others. For thousands of years many millions Hindu Holocaust, where millions were killed for practicing (and even suspected to practice) their religion.  Hindus have been persecuted in India itself. Millions of Hindu Kashmir Pundits have been massacred in India.

Whether they are Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs, or any other religion worldwide, we oppose persecution for their religious beliefs. Example of persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, or the massacre of Moro in Philippines, or targeting of Muslims for violence post-911 in the US are all examples of persecution we condemn.

Hinduism supports the rights of everyone to practice their path to Oneness with the divine.

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