Universalism of Hinduism

Empowering people everywhere; standing up for those who are religiously persecuted Universalism is a fundamental underlying principle of Hinduism – the absolute, in idea that we are all part of the Oneness (Advaita) of this cosmos and anyone and everyone irrespective of their nationality, race, skin color, gender or any other skin-deep references More...

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The power of yoga: a peace offering to oneself

CHENNAI: The world that we live in today is full of extremists seeking to rule humanity. It’s unfortunate that a majority is controlled by a faction which prefers agitation to get their social, economic, political More...

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Why Shiva is also known as Gangadhar and what does it signify

Hinduism teaches us the intricate realities of life through various stories. These stories high on moral values have profound meaning. One such story is that of Shiva and how he held the mighty Ganga in his matted More...

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His sweep in Karnataka

Some years ago, when I met Sanskrit scholar Dr. Prabhakar Apte, who has translated Pancharatra Agamas to English, he said that there were four kinds of endowments mentioned in the Paushkara Samhita. And thinking More...

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The essence of his commentaries

By – Sudhakshina Rangaswami This millennium year of Ramanujacharya’s (1017-1137 A.D.) birth anniversary affords an opportunity to revisit his legacy to Visishtadvaita Vedanta and Srivaishnavism by an understanding More...

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The Socio Political Cultural Milieu for Birth of Jainism

By – Shubhangi Deshpande Jainism has prehistoric origins dating before 3000 BC. The people of the Saraswati River civilisation worshipped the idols of Yogis, figures of the ‘Kayotsarga’ posture, More...

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Shankara’s Concept of Advaita: The Foundational Concept of Hinduism

By – Kanaka Nagaraj Sabapathy Origins of Advaitic Philosophy The Advaita School of philosophy or Nondualism is believed to have existed long before the 7th century saint Adi Shankara propounded it. Centuries More...