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From Kathua to Kanchi: how does the secular police-prosecution-media nexus twist the arms of the Courts?


DEEP FAKE TECHNOLOGY: How the video appears to have been engineered (

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Say there is a huge mansion with a fence around it. Assume that the rear side of the mansion abuts three houses. A witness on the street sees a person walk into the front gate of the house and reach the door of the house and return after five minutes. At about the same time, incidentally, the residents of the three houses behind this huge mansion notice a strange masked person clothed fully in black exit and run away from the mansion from the rear. The residents of all the three houses to the rear of the mansion also notice some fluid splashed on the masked person’s clothing. Since the person’s clothing is all black in colour, the colour of the fluid is not being made out. It ends up that the police are called and a murdered body is discovered in the mansion.

The police-prosecution nexus takes witness statements from all the three rear house residents and also the one witness who saw that one person walk up to the door of the house and return about five minutes later. The police-prosecution nexus files a charge sheet in the court against the person who was at the door of the house for five minutes based on the witness on the street. However, the witness statements from the witnesses in the rear houses are not included in the charge sheet. The police-prosecution nexus claims that there is a prima facie case made out against the person, though in all likelihood the accused went only up to the door, kept knocking it and returned after five minutes. The police-prosecution nexus do not produce the rear house witness statements.

The innocent-accused produces a CCTV footage from the mansion showing that he was there outside the door for about five minutes and left. Since the CCTV footage was not procured by the police-prosecution nexus it is rejected and not admitted as evidence during the stage when the charge sheet is filed.

It is claimed that the said CCTV footage evidence can be produced during the trial, when the defence is called for (in the meanwhile, the accused person’s reputation is completely destroyed by the media trial accompanying the proceedings, by just reporting only the prosecution story as it is presented in the court). Conveniently, at the stage of a charge sheet being filed, a prima facie case has been made out against the accused only because of a deliberate one-sided presentation by the police-prosecution nexus.

By law, the court is forced to accept to this absurdity because there can be no “mini-trial” at the stage of framing of charges. Only “admitted” (admitted or accepted by who? the noble Indian police-prosecution nexus!) evidence in the charge sheet of the “holy” police-prosecution nexus can be used.

Let the reader decide if that is a just avoidance of a “mini-trial” or a blatant injustice (and a conspiracy) to put the accused on trial, given that the CCTV evidence is rejected (technically speaking, not admitted yet by the police-prosecution nexus in the charge sheet that they filed) till the trial is on, and also additionally that the police-prosecution nexus withheld the three rear house witness statements. Of course to the court, it will look like that a prima facie case has been made out against the accused.

Police-prosecution-media nexus emerges as the accused is a Hindu. During all this drama, the media joins in in the party and vilifies the so-called accused, solely because he was a small time Hindu priest in a nearby temple. All hell breaks loose. All sorts of stories are concocted. The communists, congress and Christian Churches (the three-Cs) inspired and gathered protesters hold protests in front of various temples, claiming temple priests are murderers and demanding a ban on Hindu priesthood.

Read More: Church behind the Sterlite protests — Lalita Nijhawa

They blame the RSS and BJP for protecting temples and Hindu priests calling them murderers too. They blame Manu, without ever having read it, that it privileges the priestly Brahmins to murder with impunity though the accused is a non-Brahmin poojari.

Back to the court. In addition to the CCTV evidence, the innocent accused is also claiming what in law is called an “alternative plea.” He claims that the police-prosecution story is full of holes. In particular the forensic postmortem report ascertained probable time of death and his presence in the mansion are completely different and totally unrelated. And, on that basis alone he could not have been the murderer.

“Alternative plea” to alternative reporting. However, the Naxal media (TNM)twists this in their reporting. It claims that the accused has changed the story. It reports, “From claiming that the accused was not inside the mansion house at all during the claimed time of the incident, he now claims that he was indeed in the house, but he did not commit the murder. The accused has changed his stance.”

Is there any relationship between the “alternative plea” raised by the innocent accused by pointing out to the discrepancy in the police-prosecution made-up story (that is the outrageous discrepancy between the time of his presence in the mansion house and the postmortem reported probable time of death) and what the Naxal media reports? No. If in doubt please read this section again to understand this. As “alternative plea” is a legal technical nuance it might be a little difficult to grasp for many of the readers.

Creating a fear psychosis. To prevent credible witnesses from coming in rescue of the poojari, the temple sweeper and watchman are also arrested and presented as co-accused. The police-prosecution-media nexus claims that they procured the weapons for the innocent-accused to use in the murder and are thus abettors of the crime. This effectively stonewalls these witnesses from being effective witnesses as they are now co-accused. Whatever they say in the court will be seen as not-so-true as it will be considered that they are supporting the innocent-accused to extricate themselves from the case and “escape” the law.

Outrageous! Yet, this is the technique the police-prosecution-media nexus uses to “legally” exterminate and genocide common Hindu citizens to Hindu Gurus and Swamijis.

This “deters any one to appear in court and give evidence in defence of the accused.” as observed by the Apex Court itself in the case of the Kanchi Seer.

How many of the readers knew the modus operandi of the police-prosecution-media nexus before reading this?

The above imaginary and hypothetical scenario is playing out everyday across India in reality as well.

No wonder that the Hon’ble Supreme Court scathingly observed in the case of the Kanchi Seer that “Again, the action of the State … leads to an inference that the State machinery is not only interested in securing conviction of the petitioner and the other co-accused but also to bring to a complete halt the entire religious and other activities of the various trusts and endowments and the performance of Pooja and other rituals in the temples and religious places in accordance with the custom and traditions and thereby create a fear psychosis in the minds of the people. This may deter any one to appear in court and give evidence in defence of the accused.” (1)


Bynow most people are aware of how the “Islamic” Kashmiri state government, under which comes the region of Jammu as well, conspiratorially maligned the entire Hindu community by foisting a false and an absurd case against almost half-a-dozen innocent villagers simply because they are Hindus:

However, none of the above appears on the Wikipedia page for this topic (Kathua rape case) — not even a single line. The fraudulent “secular” media narrative is what on the entire page of the Wikipedia on the topic. Not even a single citation or line to the above evidence-based analyses.

When will the Hindus wake up to this international conspiracy and the orchestrated genocidal attack against them?

IMAGE: This is the Wikipedia summary displayed by Google search — please note the “Motive” section and how the fraudulent “secular” media narrative is what the world sees to this date


Without a doubt, there is a serious and persistent problem within significant parts of the criminal law administration in India. It is either infiltrated by Hinduphobic non-Hindus or possibly the plain corrupted Hindus-in-name-only (HINOs). For example:

Even when the judicial officers are impeccable in probity, the police-prosecution-media nexus effectively arm-twists the judicial officers by pushing absurd cases into a trial. The role of the media is to paint a certain picture to cause an outrage to suit its agenda so that the judges are psychologically influenced to believe the police-prosecution story.

In fact, this is why the jury is kept shielded from the public and the media during a criminal trial in some of the countries. Given the protracted period that it takes for a trial that is neither possible or practically feasible in India. Even if the trials were hastened, in India, the track record shows that it will only be done so to rush through a false case even more conveniently.

How is this inadequate system being exploited by the corrupt? As in the example of Swami Premananda, the pattern is repeating itself, now in the case of Swami Nithyananda:

In spite of the appalling and acknowledged anti-Hindu track record of the “secular” establishment, why many Hindus and even the so-called Hindutvadis almost always draw conclusions, in a knee-jerk manner, against Hindu Gurus and Swamis when they are accused by the criminally-motivated and corrupt police-prosecution-media nexus? Is it a suicidal tendency and a manifest self-loathing amongst the Hindus?

In an eerie similarity to the allegedly false case of Swami Premananda (see the link above — a Sri Lankan Tamizh refugee Hindu Swamiji who died in the jail for what appears to be no fault of his) — a Swamiji from Tamizh Nadu Swami Nithyananda is being targeted now.

There was a rape case filed against Swami Nithyananda in 2010 without even a victim-on-record, it is claimed, based on an allegedly “fabricated” video, which even if true could only be termed a consensual sexual act — please see this video of the “deep fake” technology using the same “fabricated” video clip:

Ironically, the complainant who registered the rape case without a victim has been convicted for extortion and fabrication of evidence apparently relating to the same video. Based on the same video a complaint was registered leading to the present trial, claims the Ashram.

Then a witness was turned into an alleged victim-cum-claimant after about six months of the rape case being filed, the Ashram claims. In other words, there was nobody who had been raped but a rape case was on the file of the police for months before a victim was manufactured.

The Ashram, following due legal process in the US Courts, got the medical records of the newly found alleged victim-cum-claimant, as she was an American citizen of Indian origin. The medical records so obtained via the US Courts apparently showed that the claimant has a viral infection (herpes) that can be transmitted on just a touch (skin-to-skin contact), let alone sexual intercourse. If anybody had any physical intercourse with her, the herpes infection will definitely spread and the other person will be found to be infected too, especially on repeated exposures as claimed in this case.

If the accused medically tested negative for herpes (especially the same molecular strain) then no way could that accused person (say, the alleged rapist) could have had any intimate physical contact with her. If that is the case, and reportedly the accused is medically tested to be negative for the infection, should that not preclude a trial because prima facie there is no case that can be made out? Strangely not in “secular” India.

RAPE WITHOUT TOUCHING? The complainant’s (the claimant with herpes) case is untenable and scientifically impossible (repeated intercourse for 5 long years but a skin-to-skin contagion, that is a disease that spreads by touch, magically had not spread?) as the innocent-accused is medically tested negative for herpes (2)

Additionally, the US Courts appear to have slapped damages (close to half-a-million US dollars) against the same complainant of rape for a similar trial held in the US, as the accusations by the complainant had been “ADJUDGED, ORDERED, and DECREED” false and defamatory. Can the Indian police-prosecution nexus lawfully ignore such a judgement?

An unnecessary trial wasting precious court time and resources appears to be foisted on the court by the police-prosecution nexus, because the nexus refuses to “admit” the evidence that was obtained under due legal process of a US court so that a trial will be forced upon the accused and the accused’s name will remain tarnished forever.

Without that crucial piece of evidence being considered (in other words deliberately omitted by the police-prosecution nexus), the court has been forced to frame charges and order a trial wasting lakhs of rupees of taxpayer money. This can be explained only by the police-prosecution-media nexus working for some hidden agenda, perhaps an external paymaster. (3)

The Naxal media (TNM). The defence lawyers of the Ashram appear to have pointed out to the court that even if it were assumed that there was intercourse between the complainant and the innocent accused, it cannot be termed as rape as it was consensual in the words of the complainant herself. This is technically called an “alternative plea” in legal parlance.

Unfortunately or not, alternative pleas are a necessity of the adversarial system of justice administration (where the opposite parties are forced to argue to defeat the other side just to win the case, not obtain justice for the cause) inherited from the Christian British. However, the Naxal media (TNM) is repeatedly reporting this as an acceptance of guilt and claims that the Ashram is “changing its case or position.” And, many of the English-educated so-called “intelligent” readers fall for the spin.


There is no attempt to professionalise the prosecution service systematically. Selection is neither merit-based nor competitive. Remuneration and conditions of service are not attractive. There is no system of education and training for prosecutors. Because of this, the morale of the service is very low and prosecutors become vulnerable to bribery and corruption.” wrote NR Madhava Menon, former Chairman, Committee of the Government of India to draft a National Policy on Criminal Justice, in The Hindu. (4)

In Som Mittal v. Govt. of Karnataka, the Hon’ble Supreme Court held that “when grave miscarriage of justice would be committed if the trial is allowed to proceed; or where the accused would be harassed unnecessarily if the trial is allowed; or when prima facie it appears to Court that the trial would likely to be ended in acquittal.” the FIR should be quashed. Will it be not a grave miscarriage of justice when the “selective” presentation of evidence by the police-prosecution nexus, emboldened by a media trial, alters the prima facie nature of the case?

INR 200 CRORES IN 2010, HOW MUCH IN 2018?

Not only that, it serves the Christian Churches’ plans directly as shown by the published and unchallenged words of Rajiv Malhotra: “For instance, one of his top devotees got a phone call from someone based in New York describing the media and police attack that was to come. His predictions turned out to be accurate but at that time the ashramites did not take the threat literally. He said that for the right sum of money he could be helpful in preventing such an attack. He claimed that the planning for this attack had started a year ago. He mentioned that a budget of Rs 200 crores was allocated by some overseas groups to demolish Hindu gurus especially in south India, and named two south Indian churches as the nodal agencies to coordinate this strategic plan.” (5)

IMAGE: From Chapter 18 of Breaking India — India’s Christian Umma (6)

The Naxal media (TNM) and its paymasters sponsored sabotage of the Swami Nithyananda trial is happening in consort with the police-prosecution-media nexus now.

Who will be next innocent Hindu who will be an accused or co-accused in another Kathua or Kanchi? You! Yes, Before Kathua and Kanchi comes to your neighbour and then to you, wake up slumbering Hindus!

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