Published On: Tue, Aug 23rd, 2016

Bhavasamadhi : The highest test of Life

Bhavasamadhi – awakening the embodied states of consciousness – will open so many doors in you. Kirtan is a technique for bhavasamadhi. The embodied states of consciousness is the purpose of all the spiritual practices – pure questioning, complete completion, morning yoga, rudrabhishekam, kirtan or the satsang. By the time you come to the satsang you should be ready to entangle what I am vibrating.

Whatever becomes bhavasamadhi in you is known to you. Whatever has not become your bhavasamadhi is unknown to you. That is all Kena Upanishads is expressing in this second verse.

Upanishads are basically helping you embody the consciousness they are describing. Whatever has become bhavasamadhi is known to you. Whatever has not become your bhavasamadhi is not known to you. Make your life, the lifestyle of bhavasamadhi. It is the bhavasamadhis which are the juiciest part of life. Till you experience bhavasamadhi only sex will be the juiciest part of your life. Only bhavasamadhi can give you the higher taste, joy, experience in life. Without having the bhavasamadhi if you are only enjoying only the physical pleasures, it will be so suffocating. And everything related to that you will start developing incompletions with it and start hating it.

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