Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

Shivraj Singh blogs on Ujjain Simhastha, says globe is our family – Times of India

BHOPAL: Amid grand religious congregation in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan sees unity in diversity in Simhastha saying, the entire world is visible here like a single family.In his latest blog, chief minister Chouhan recalled some excerpts from Arthur Llewellyn Basham’s book, “The Wonder That Was India”. He said the book throws light on wonderful specialities of India, one of which is Simhastha.

Chouhan said, Dr Ishwari Prasad also endorses Indian culture of unity in diversity which means our country boasts of several things not found anywhere else in the world. This very vast canvas of Indian culture is visible during Simhastha Mahakumbh in Lord Mahakal’s city of Ujjain. Here, entire world is visible like a single family”, observes Chouhan.

Shedding away all controversies during the onset of the religious gathering, the chief minister said, India and its culture respects all ideologies, may it be qualified god or worshipping idols. It is only the soil of India where there is respect for all ideologies, he added.

I have seen these things on the holy land of Ujjain. Eminent saints of different ideologies including Dwaitwadi (dualist school of Vedanta philosophy), Adwaitwadi (non-dualist or monist) and Vishishtadwaitwadi (non-dualist with uniqueness) are present here. But there are no differences among them. There is confluence of different streams of ideologies at Ujjain. Harmony and equality is exemplary here. An atmosphere prevails where no one is bigger or smaller. Supremacy and egoism is not visible. All are in the shelter of Lord Mahakal (Lord Shiva, the destroyer of all elements)”, he said.

Chouhan said without caste and creed’s discrimination, devotion and service is supreme here. No one asks who cooed the food, who is serving and who are the people being fed. This is the true spirit of India. Not only Indians, but devotees from abroad have also joined the fare. Indian attires, applying tilaks and singing ‘Hare Krishna’, I realised that it is ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, globe is my family”, said Chouhan.

He said, This Simhastha is unique. The concept of finding elixir now is to move forward in unison towards global welfare. We are endeavoring for the same through ideological Kumbh. I hope that elixir of solution to all problems will come out of this very churning”.

Source: Shivraj Singh blogs on Ujjain Simhastha, says globe is our family – Times of India

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