Vrindavan, 2017.03.19 (VT): The Folk artists from Vrindavan performed ‘Raslila’ at the residence of the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan in Bhopal. During Holi, the artists went to Bhopal on the invitation of the Chief Minister.

The CM welcomed the players and was full of praise on their performances. In his address the CM said, “The Raslila originated and flourished in Vraja, which is the centre of devotion. The Raslila performances commemorate the numerous pastimes and the divine sports of Lord Krishna. It is the best way to depict the pastimes of the Lord in our heart.”
On their return from Bhopal, the artists assembled at Govind Vihar, the residence of Raasacharya Shri Ram Prasad Sharma to share their experience with the brajwasis and the media.

Mahant Swami Subodhananda Maharaj, artist Puneet Saraswat and Bhavna Saraswat said that they represented Hari Adhyatma Lok Sanskritik Samsthan, in an effort to spread the Vraja culture around the country.