Published On: Sun, Feb 19th, 2017

The Great ‘Why’ – Bhagavad Gita Decoded

The Bhagavad Gītā opens with the great ‘WHY’, reflecting the personal crisis that we all face at some point of our lives.

We are drawn into the protagonist Arjuna’s life at a crucial moment, when the renowned young prince is getting ready for a bloody battle against a huge army consisting of his own family, cousin and teachers. Struggling with fears, a misconstrued sense of duty and an awakening consciousness, the young prince is caught in the dilemma of his life.

Even after five thousand years, Arjuna’s dilemma is still alive in humanity’s experience of life. Our questions are hardly different from Arjuna’s…

• Why are we here?
• Why do we do what we do in our lives?
• Why don’t we find fulfillment, even after years of working for success in the world?
• Why do more and more challenges await us, even after we solve and overcome numerous challenges?
• How can we become spiritually mature and integrated individuals? Why is this path even required?

This ‘Why?’ can be answered in a very simple way—You are here to manifest your ultimate Possibility!

But each one of you has to discover your own answer to this ‘Why’. Any other answer can only be an inspiration for you to discover your own answer. We can only move when we have the ability to handle this great ‘Why’. Whether you know it or not, only your deepest conviction about your ‘Why’, only your deepest clarity about your purpose, can give you the inspiration, energy and courage to face life.

This great ‘Why’ is the seed of God himself! This seed is put inside you when you are sent to planet Earth, so that you do not rest until you become a tree and bear fruit. Please understand, every seed has an energy called vīrya, which does not rest till it produces more seeds. Even if you eat the seed, you cannot destroy it, because that vīrya still goes into your body and does its job in some other way! The question ‘Why’ is the vīrya put into your very DNA structure to help you realize yourself.

This is the journey that Arjuna undertakes through the Gītā. Under the compassionate guidance of the enlightened master Kṛṣṇa, Arjuna faces and realizes the meaning of the great ‘Why’, to become a realized soul.

Just like Arjuna, you too will not be able to rest until you realize the meaning of the great ‘Why’ for you.

Just as Kṛṣṇa addresses Arjuna’s questions, Paramahamsa Nithyananda addresses the readers’ questions and doubts, guiding us on the path of transformation, refusing to give up on us until we discover our full potential and live like Gods on earth. As you read this book, you will find the presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda guiding you to discover your own unique yet universal path to realization.


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