Published On: Sun, Feb 19th, 2017

God is an artist, not an engineer

His answers are unique to each person even if the question is the same. Each being is different. Each person’s path is unique. Everyone is connected to the Master radially and independently. The Master looks into the being of the person and answers the questioner, not the question! For the question! For those with complete trust, He says, ‘I will take care.’ People shed anxieties and depression with those words of assurance from the Master.

For those few moments, if we can forget our prayers and place our trust in Existence, we can experience. A little faith that Existence knows what is best for us is enough. If we go with this attitude, we receive what the Master tries to give us. Nothing more is needed.

Darshan is a wonderful opportunity to move from communication to communion with the Master. In the lectures, we ask questions for intellectual clarity. We try to relate with our mind. We collect words and more words at the end of every session. And we come back with more words and questions! Darshan is the time to relate at the being level.

Allow some experience to happen in you. Leave the mind and be with the heart at least during this time. You cannot become one with Existence through you mind. It happens with your heart or being. Any merging happens with the heart or being. Darshan is when the Master looks directly into your eyes and you can see your reflection in Him. He heals with His look, touch and embrace. With every Darshan you go back a different person, a little more evolved.

Every darshan is different. The whole beauty of Existence, or Nature, is that it never repeats itself. That is why it is said that God is an artist, not an engineer.

Every darshan unfolds in a different way, with new dimension, a new intensity and a new unknown fervor. Every darshan seems like the best until the next one unfolds!

The Master’s transfer of energy at ananda darshan can put you into the desireless state. If you are loving and open, it can transform you in so many wonderful ways. With effort, you can achieve the desireless state with consistent intellectual understanding and meditation. However, darshan is when you can be directly put into the desireless state purely by the Master’s grace.

If you can become completely filled with joy and gratitude and be totally present, the energy can penetrate you. It can help you fulfil you desires and take you a desireless state beyond that. Being in complete joy is being in a madly desirous state of nothing in particular! It is intense desire for nothing in particular. In this state, you are receptive and open to the Master. You don’t need to make effort. You must drop your efforts; that’s all! Then the energy takes care. It does the rest. Energy is intelligence. The Existential energy can flow through you and do whatever is needed if you allow it.

Darshan means getting a clear vision and a flash of clarity. It is seeing without a blur. The energy awareness at darshan, you glimpse the vastness of the ocean of Existence: a pool of serenity shines forth amidst the fervor created and amidst the music and dance. Even with the noise around, you find the central chord of vibrant silence that runs through the whole show. Then you understand the concept of remaining centered and being all-inclusive. You understand how not to exclude or renounce, but to encompass everything while remaining centered and being a blissful watcher of the whole show!

After darshan, after every touch, one’s intelligence increases; desires acquire more clarity and either get fulfilled or simply drop.

You lie completely bare before the Master. He always sees you at the being level. Any attempt to ask anything is a waste of time because you only express deep confusion and ignorance. You don’t know what you need. He knows what must be done to take you further. You never need to ask. The surrender itself fulfils.

If you allow the experience to enter you and express itself in joyful ways, if you can be total and ecstatic and if you resonate with the energy, forgetting yourself completely, you are automatically emptied of your accumulated words and thoughts. There will be only emptiness and joy in you when you go near the Master.

In that mood, you are silent inside. You are receptive and loving. You are bubbling with inner silence. At that time, the energy can enter you like a ray, like a flash. It can go deep and touch you at the seed level. It transforms you in way that you don’t know.

-Excerpt from the book Bhagavad Gita’ demystified by Mahavatar Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji.

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