Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2017

The Haridasa project

Manasi Prasad, a talented young Carnatic vocalist and Dr Yashoda thakore, a renowned exponent of Kuchipudi and Vilasini Natyam have come up with the idea of an exploration of compositions by the Haridasa’s of Karnataka via music and dance. The results of this endeavor were presented to the audience at Saptaparni over the weekend.

Manasi alone first presented Chelva Krishna in Mohana raga and Hidakko in Hamsanandi by Purandara Dasa, Daasara Maneya by Kanaka Dasa in Hindola and finally Krishna Nee Begane by Vyasaraya. The idea was to project the devotional bhakti of these saint poets whose lyrical extolling of the lord was rendered soulfully in the melodious voice of Manasi.

The audience was held rapt and spellbound by her. The second half of the program witnessed Yashoda’s consummate skill of interpreting through dance the vocalist’s rendition. The duo matched each other harmoniously.

Nannende Nane by Kanaka Dasa in Vageshvari showing that the ultimate responsibility of protecting the bhakta lies with the Lord, Hyange by Vadiraja in Abheri contrasting the desirability of Vishnu in contrast to his avatar Varaha, Veni  begging Madhava’s presence for succor again by Vadiraja in Ahirbhairavi and Jagadodharana in Kapi detailing that the refuge of the world was also Yashoda’s little child by Purandara Dasa and Ikkonodu on the glory of ranga’s holy feet by Sripada Raja in Brindavani.

Exquisite abhinaya, the forte of Yashoda was masterly displayed. Most of the songs were on Lord Krishna. Sindhuja was on the Nattuvangam for the excellent live orchestra. The program was attended by the famous vocalist Vedavati Prabhakar as the chief guest.

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