Published On: Thu, Jul 21st, 2016

Yoga protocol to fight diabetes likely next month | BST

The AYUSH ministry is likely to issue a detailed standard yoga protocol for prevention and treatment of diabetes by next month, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal last month to focus on the treatment of the disease through the ancient Indian discipline.

“We are setting up a committee under Professor H R Nagendra along with other experts of yoga and modern sciences, who will set up a protocol. This protocol will have a specific set of yoga exercise which will help in fighting diabetes,” said Ajit M Sharan, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH.

The committee, likely to include a research director from Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Yogpeeth, will also have a doctor from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

“These experts will recommend yoga practices for different types and stages of diabetes,” Sharan said.

The committee is yet to be notified however.

Once the yoga procedure for diabetes is prepared, research projects will be initiated in order to validate it.

The ministry will undertake a media campaign to popularise the set yoga practices developed for diabetic patients.

Addressing nearly 30,000 participants on the International Yoga Day in Chandigarh last month Modi had dedicated this year to fighting diabetes.

He had said, “In this one year, you continue to do what you do for yoga but focus on one subject and this is my subject – diabetes – diabetes and yoga.”

India is known as the ‘Diabetes Capital of the World’ and according to the World Health Organisation nearly 70 million Indians suffer from the disease.

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