“Spending at beauty parlours and on cosmetic surgeries to get attractive face can save the money is mere waste. The time allotted for making them beauty can also be avoided. Five minutes a day on face yoga is helpful for them get desired results. Unlike beauty parlours, the results of face yoga are permanent. It can reduce the ageing process by 17 years,” says Mansi Gulati, expert in face yoga.

Mansi gave a presentation of the exercises under face yoga for public at Punnami Ghat here on Saturday. She spoke to ‘The Hans India’ exclusively to explain various aspects of the face yoga. Hails from Jalandhar (Punjab), she learned yoga techniques at the age of seven from her grandfather, a freedom-fighter. She developed her interest in yoga even as she completes her MA from Delhi University. She did her PhD in yoga, she said.

Associated with Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Mansi adopted several jails to impart yoga to prisoners. The jails include Tihar, Rajahmundry, Vizag and Chanchalguda. She has plans to adopt Kalapani jail also. Stating that keeping one’s soul clean is the first step towards achieving Swatch Bharat, she said regular yoga would help to control thoughts. Asthanga yoga, Hata yoga, Saral yoga, Bhakti/Karma yoga and Gyan yoga form part of her face (Mukh) yoga practice, she explains.

Yoga is an ancient practice, she says adding that earlier kings and queens used to do face yoga. It was because of yoga they looked so charming and attractive, she reveals. Mansi says doing regular yoga will help overcome diseases like diabetes and thyroid related problems. Advising women to avoid going beauty parlours, she warns them of side-effects involved in some cosmetic surgeries. Some procedures would also prove fatal, she alerts.

She states yoga is secret to youthfulness, stops ageing and reduces stress. The yoga expert says though she belongs to North, she developed special liking for South India. She has been staying in Southern States of AP and Telangana for five years. She is single and adopted four daughters. She owns an NGO and imparting yoga on behalf of governments as she is interested in social service activities.