Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2016

Response to Idiots on what Scientific means by Rajiv Malhotra

IDIOT 1: “Yoga is scientific, therefore it is equally valid in any religion.”
RESPONSE: Gravitation is scientific. But not all bridge designs are reliable. Some bridges collapse because their design in flawed and does not adhere to the scientific principles to produce a bridge that will function. Similarly, I have explained in detail in BEING DIFFERENT that Christianity’s mandatory belief in Nicene Creed violates the worldview in which yoga is based. Being scientific does not mean every practice and worldview is compatible.
IDIOT 2: A medicine works the same way regardless of the patient’s religion. So must yoga.
RESPONSE: For a given medicine there might be specific diet or lifestyle or other things that are contraindicated, i.e. they will interfere with the medicine and even cause harm. These things have a negative interaction with this medicine. Similarly, there are certain beliefs embedded in certain religions that are contraindicated for yoga.
IDIOT 3: The word “Hindu” is fake, recent, coined by foreigners. Hence yoga cannot be Hindu.
RESPONSE: If I start calling an object something new, that will not change its attributes. By whatever name you might choose to refer to our spiritual heritage, it makes no different to the issue being discussed here. Hindu dharma is inseparable from yoga. This has to do with the metaphysics of Hindu dharma in which yoga functions properly. It is not effected by whatever name you give to this metaphysics.
[Sorry for the harsh tone, but I am tired of having to respond to basic issue that have been dealt with so many time before. This level of IQ is too low for the topics we discuss, yet it seems so common.]

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