Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

Practise yoga to show patriotism and get good grades: CBSE

After the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) reinstated the board exam for Class 10, the board has also decided to make yoga an important element by the next academic session.

As per the CBSE notification issued on Tuesday, grades will be awarded to Class 10 students for practicing yoga, which the board observed as a way of showing patriotism.

Assessment under co-scholastic activities to instigate discipline

It has been circulated that the board will assess the students on five-point grading scale — A to E — under co-scholastic activities. Besides yoga practicing, other activities that the students can opt for includes sports, martial arts, and NCC.

One primary objective behind inducting co-scholastic activities is to instigate discipline among the students.

“Discipline significantly impacts career shaping and it helps build character. Sincerity, good behaviour and values develop strength and foster unity and co-operation. Therefore, the element of discipline has been introduced,” said the board.

Even if the grading is reflected on the students’ mark sheets, it is said that it will not impact their overall result.

“Students should be provided opportunities to get professionally trained in the areas of their interest. Indigenous sports, yoga and NCC must be encouraged in the schools to create a sense of physical fitness, discipline, sportsmanship, patriotism, self-sacrifice and health care,” the notification reads.

Following the reinstate of Class 10 board exam, schools affiliated under CBSE will conduct three periodical written tests annually which will comprise 10 marks in the internal assessment.

“This is aimed at enhancing the seriousness of students towards preparing notes for the topics being taught in the classroom and completing assignments. This will also address the critical aspects of regularity, punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep,” said the board.

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