Published On: Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

NexGTv’s Yoga app is useful in understanding the concept – Livemint

Yoga as a form of exercise and mediation is practised by many, but the emphasis put by the National Democratic Alliance government has made it a global phenomenon. While occasions like Yoga Day can inspire many to take it up, when it comes to practising yoga on a daily basis, lack of knowledge on how it works can be disconcerting and actually drive many away from it. Indian start-up DigiVive, known for popular mobile streaming app NexGTv and many others, has come up with a unique video streaming app for yoga enthusiasts.

Easy to use, but limited content

DigiVive’s yoga app looks like any other NexGTv video streaming app with a clean and user-friendly interface. Only here, you don’t have to wade through too many channels and videos. The home page is split into three categories—videos, Live TV and the Home. While videos show all the yoga videos by leading yoga experts such as Baba Ramdev, the Live TV shows TV channels dedicated to yoga. All these categories are further divided into sub-sections such as ‘Yoga by Baba Ramdev’, ‘Kids Yoga’ and ‘Music and Raga Therapy’. What is interesting is that all the videos are properly captioned with information such as what is it called, which part of the human body will actually benefit from it, and the duration of the video.

Some features restricted for premium users

The NexGTv Yoga app looks like a work in progress and has a very limited library. The Live TV section has only one channel called Yoga TV, while the video section has nine sub-categories. Though one can access most of the features for free, some videos are behind a pay wall. You can access them through separate subscription plans. The basic subscription starts at Rs.5 and is valid for a day, while a monthly subscription costs Rs.125.

Is it worth downloading?

If you want to learn the basics of yoga, this can be a very handy app. The fact that you can access it on your smartphone means you can use it to practise yoga anywhere. Since most of the content is free, you can learn and practise basic yoga without paying a dime. The only other cost involved is the cost of mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

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