Published On: Sat, Nov 18th, 2017

Chennai girl wins 200 prizes in yoga contests | News Today

Chennai: S Jayshree, a resident of Nolambur in the city and studying class nine in Velammal Vidyalaya, has won prizes at National and State level yoga competitions.

Speaking to News Today, she said, ‘”When I was studying class one (at the age of five), my mother enrolled me to a yoga class. It was very interesting for me to do yoga, and slowly I started to concentrate on it. In the first year, I participated in a competition held in Delhi and got a prize. Till now, I have attended more than 350 yoga competitions and got more than 200 prizes at national and State level’.”

‘”There are 84 lakh asanas. I learned 1,000 asanas and keep on learning. I practice the asanas slowly with full concentration. To acquire a basic or an easy asana it will take three days to a week to practice. For an advanced asana, it will take a month. Every day, I am spending two hours for practice. Before participating in a competition, I will concentrate more and do asanas for over two weeks.

“The prizes won in competitions help getting scholarship. Friends who are practicing yoga along with me are also wining many prizes. Sometimes, we will be discussing among us before the competition. I got Panthanjali Book of World Records by performing 250 asanas in five minutes along with my master’s son,”’ she added.

‘Last year, I participated in CBSE Cluster held in a school at Haridwar. I performed well and expected a prize, but bagged only fourth place,’ she recalled, when asked about her disappointment.

“‘I want to thank my yoga masters Annadurai and Kalaivani Annadurai. Practicing yoga helps me stay healthy and fit. It also increases my memory power and makes me score good marks in exams. There are few asanas which help cure diseases and they should be practiced under the guidance of master. A person who practices yoga can feel youthfulness even at elderly age as it keeps our body fit and postpones ageing,’” she said

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