Published On: Mon, Oct 17th, 2016

Singh Badnore: Astrology and Ayurveda is a subject of everyone’s interest: Governor

CHANDIGARH : Punjab Governor and Chandigarh administrator VP Singh Badnore presided over the closing ceremony of the mega event of astrology and ayurveda organized by Jyotish Prangan and Planet Ayurveda at Dussehra Ground, Sector-34 on Sunday.

Appreciating the initiative of Jyotish Prangan, an organization working for the regeneration and betterment of astrology, governor said that astrology and ayurveda is a subject and area of everyone’s interest. The deep meanings of these studies should be understood deeply and thoroughly.

Astrology is only an attempt to have a glimpse of the future stream of life and foresee the likely trend of events which would consequently help us to manage our affairs in a more sagacious and expeditious manner,Whereas Ayurveda has its own importance and significance which is presently gaining ground globally.

Governor also stressed that the significance of this area would deteriorate with its commercialization, therefore he requested all the learned and knowledgeable people of the field to stay away from this practice.

He also shared how in this age of advanced technology everything is getting digitalized, and so is astrology. Giving away the awards to the prominent people of this field, the Governor expressed that events like these should happen on larger level to disseminate knowledge on astrology and ayurveda.

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