Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Process of land transfer for Ayush hospitals begins – Times of India

PANAJI: State officials have already begun the process of transfer of land at Dhargalim and Macazana, identified to set up district hospitals under the Union ministry of Ayush.

Under the hospitals allotted to Goa by the Ayush ministry, the state will get three institutes – national institute of naturopathy and yoga, all India institute of Ayush sciences and district Ayush hospital – in North Goa. South Goa will only get a Ayush district hospital at Macazana.

The national institute for naturopathy and yoga and the all India institute of Ayush sciences will receive 100% funding from the Central government, while the funding for the two district hospitals in Dhargalim and Macazana will be on centre-state sharing basis.

“The land at Dhargalim and Macazana are already in the state’s possession and it is now being transferred to set up the Ayush project. Special state officers have been appointed to carry out the land transfer. The procedure will take some time as it is a lengthy process. After the transfer is complete, the memorandum of understanding will be signed with the Central government to set up the institutes,” said a state official.

Under the Central government sponsored scheme of national Ayush mission (NAM), the Ayush hospitals at Dhargalim and Macazana will be of 50 beds each.

Officials said the hospitals will become functional first. The Ayush colleges at North Goa will become operational some time later. “The hospital with a certain number of beds needs to be functional first to be able to get permissions to set up the college,” said the official.

Following the state government informing the Centre that land has already been allotted to the institutes, the Central government has approved Rs 425.52 lakh till date for the two Ayush campuses in Goa.

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