Published On: Sun, Mar 12th, 2017

White Hindus Explains Why They Left the Catholic Church to become Hindu

He was born and raised as a Catholic and found that Christianity just wasn’t able to satisfy the seeking which exploded in him. The spiritual awakening He went through drove him to look for other sources of spiritual knowledge. He learned all about quantum physics, new age spiritualism, Buddhism, etc.

Everything changed when read “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.”
He dove into Hinduism fully after this knowing that it was my spiritual home. After two years of diving into and exploring the vast ocean of Sanatana Dharma, He just know it is infinite in knowledge, experience, and possibility!

Watch Here:

Here is what girl says:

Why did I adopt Hinduism? For me Hinduism really brought about a new confidence in myself, and a new fresh exciting light to the world around me. I really connected to my divine feminine energy, which thus meant I started to celebrate me. Also Hinduism, or the Vedic tradition is a SCIENCE. So much context is given to everything done in this amazing spiritual truths.

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