Published On: Wed, Sep 28th, 2016

US school introduces meditation instead of detention for students to correct mistakes | The Indian Express

Across the world, children are raised to become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Parenting plays a major role but schooling too leaves a huge impact; which is why education is a tricky business. A good education is not only about the syllabus but also involves teaching values that’s essential for inner growth like the difference between right and wrong, compassion, being in control of one’s mind and behaviour and so on. It’s expected of an institution that it teaches its students to realise their full potential but more often than not, most don’t even meet these criteria. Instead, many resort to using soft threats, blackmail, bribes and other unhealthy methods to keep things moving. But like always, there are exceptions.

This school in Baltimore in the United States is increasingly becoming a template for many education systems as they do not have punishments or detention for the kids, at all. Instead, Robert W Coleman Scool has adopted a correcting mechanism which involves a Mindful Moment Room, where children practice mindful meditation and breathing exercises. In addition, the kids are encouraged to talk to professional behaviour analysts and experts. Reportedly, this programme has been introduced in the school as part of Holistic Me — an initiative that discourages the detention of students and instead trains them to rectify their behavioural problems through peaceful means and deep analysis.

The initiative works in association with a local not-for-profit organisation called Holistic Life Foundation and reportedly since the programme was started two years ago, the school has not issued even one suspension.

It is important that educational systems adapt such healthy models of training students. While, on one hand scolding or embarrassing a student in front of his classmates could leave him scarred for life, introducing students to meditation and its benefits could positively alter behavioural patterns and make kids apply their sensibilities better in future.

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