KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajantra Party would formally take up the policy to revive Hindu Kingdom through the party’s general convention, according to its central chairman, Kamal Thapa.

“There isn’t any difference [in the party] over the Hindu kingdom. Now, we would strongly raise the agenda of Vedic Sanatana Hindu kingdom,” he said, speaking at the Reporters Club in Kathmandu on Saturday.

He expressed his belief that the proposal to restore monarchy would be endorsed by the party’s general convention, saying the institution was “last custodian to strengthen the national unity and nationality, and safeguard the [country’s] sovereignty.”

He said the RPP, however, was in favour of the constitutional monarchy.

The former Deputy Prime Minister went on to say that the monarchy and the Hindu state would be restored during the tenure of the current Parliament.

After the RPP Nepal and RPP unified, the party is holding its gala in Kathmandu on February 17-20.