Newcastle Siva Subramanian Temple is planning on erecting a six metre high Shiva Murthi, which will be the embodiment of an integral part of the Hindu faith..

“We spoke about it two years ago, but had to shelve it, but now the temple will be going ahead with it,” said temple committe member, Pravesh Sewlal.

Work on the foundation of the murthi will be started within the next two weeks.

Lord Shiva is one of the principal deities in Hinduism, and part of the trinity, with Brahman and Vishnu.

Lord Shiva removes devotees from the illusionary world of Kama, Krodha, Moha, Madha and Lobha, making them realise who they are, as well as what their true purpose in life is.

Lord Shiva’s destructive power has a purifying effect on an universal level.

As Lord Shiva represents the essence of impeccable goodness and godliness, he is worshipped with reverence.

As the construction of the Shiva Murthi will cost R200 000, funding is required.

“We have collected some monies, and we will soon be going from door to door to seek assistance,” Mr Sewlal said. The temple committee would accept any form of donation, whether it be cash or materials, he continued.

“We will also be prepared to take advice, as this is a big project.”

For more information, contact Pravesh Sewlal on 082 859 9284 or Arusha Ramsaroop on 084 529 8781.

Donations can be deposited into the temple’s banking account.

Absa Bank

Account number: 4055408362

Branch code: 632005

Account name: Newcastle Siva

Subramanian Temple

Reference: Shiva.