Published On: Sun, Aug 7th, 2016

Nights before Nine Nights bring fountain of youth – Indian News

The last weekend of the month will see Mahatma Gandhi Centre light up the colour and celebration of Navaratri.Organised by Atmiya Youth Group (AYG), the young wing of Yogi Divine Society (NZ) Inc, the two-night event, scheduled to be held on August 26 and August 27, 2016, promises to be better, brighter and more vivacious than its predecessors.

AYG was established in 2010 in New Zealand pursuing the core principle of ‘Atmiyata’ (Spiritual Harmony), a spiritual message of His Divine Holiness Pragat Guru Hariprasad Swami Ji Maharaj. Atmiyata has proved itself as a strong solution to overcome social and inner evils such as stubbornness, anger, jealousy, addiction and greed.

Concerted Mission

Modern youth are burdened by the pressures of a competitive society and are constantly struggling to attain solutions that seem to be out of reach.

Swami Ji Maharaj has begun a concerted mission to unlock the inner strength, energy and talents of the youth by giving them unconditional love and care and channelising them towards a life of righteous conduct and spirituality.

AYG inspires confidence, faith and discipline among the younger members of the society, aiming to give them the strength to rise above their inherent weaknesses.

With a robust membership of more than 350 young people, AYG organises weekly youth forums, monthly youth seminars, youth camps, sports camps, blood donation camps and other community support camps at which the youth learn discipline, devotion and valuable life morals.

These camps have resulted in the growth of a young community that lives a life free of addictions, respects their parents and achieves the utmost success in their personal and career goals.

Cultural Festival
Nights before Nine Nights-Prayers for human welfareAYG organises ‘Ratri Before Navaratri’ (RBN) every year to support the noble cause of youth development. It is a traditional Indian folk dance festival that is now massively popular all over the world.

The Festival is an opportunity to embrace Indian culture through contemporary spheres of traditional music and dance, while enjoying delightful Indian cuisine.

The highlight of the event would be the performance of Achal Mehta and Kaushik Mistry of the ‘Rishabh Group,’ the duo known throughout the world for its energetic music.

Nights before Nine Nights-Thousands participate in the DandiyaRBN events have mesmerised everyone with unforgettable and overwhelming performances for the past three years.

All funds generated from this event will go to support the youth nurturing the activities of AYG.

For more information, purchase of tickets online and sponsorship, please contact Kiran Vaghela on 022-0158346 or visit

Dr Kamlesh Patel is Senior Youth Coordinator of Yogi Divine Society. He is a Process Engineer at a commercial firm in Auckland.

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