Published On: Sat, Mar 4th, 2017

Music all the way – Bengal Sangskriti Utshab sees highest turnout

The penultimate day (March 2) of Bengal Sangskriti Utshab Sylhet 2017 saw a huge turnout to watch the enthralling musical performances by both Bangladeshi and Indian artistes who entertained tens of thousands with their offerings of classical music, folk songs, Nazrul Sangeet and adhunik songs.

Young artistes of Jatiya Rabindra Sangeet Sammilan Parishad, Sylhet set off the event with performing drut kheyal and chaturanga based on Raga Bhupali. Pratik Endo directed music while Gautam Goswami was on tabla for the presentation. Young artistes of Shishuteertha presented a musical (Geeti-nrityalekkhya) titled “Bubur Biye”. Pratik Endo, Neeta Roy and Animesh Bijoy Chowdhury directed music while Shantana Devi directed dance for the production.

Promising artiste Rakiba Islam Oishee was on precise melody while performing solo Nazrul Sangeet. The singer rendered several songs — “Srijan Chhonde Anande”, “Shyama Naam-er Laglo Agun”, “Mor Ghumghor-e Ele Monohor” and “Amar Nayone Nayon Rakhi”. Enamul Haque Omar on tabla, Mahmudul Hasan on harmonium, Monwar Hossain Tutul on guitar, Rooptanu Das Sharma on keyboard, Asit Biswas on esraj, Ekram Hossain on percussion and Mohammad Moniruzzaman on flute accompanied the singer.

Haimanti Sukla immersed performance held audience captive. Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

Shafiul Alam Raja entertained the audience with his repertoire of bhawaiya songs –“Phande Poria Boga Kande Rey”, “Montaye More Pitha Khabar Chaye”, “O Ki Garial Bhai”, “Baukumta Batash”, “Tui Kyane Dakilu”, and “Jamai Aishachhe” –at the festival.

Noted Nazrul singer Ferdous Ara started off with the song “Anjali Loho Mor” followed by “Khelichho E Bishwa Loye”, “Bhuli Kemone”, “Nacher Neshaye”, “Laili Tomar” and “Baje Monjul Manjir”. The artiste wrapped up with a Shah Abdul Karim song “Gaan Gai Amar Mon Rey Bujhai”.

Eminent singer Haimanti Sukla also set off her rendition with a Nazrul Sangeet “Sandhya Godhuli Logone Ke”. She later performed Manna Dey’s “Thikana Na Rekhe Bhaloi Korechho Bondhu”. Her repertoire of original records “Amar Bolar Kichhu Chhilo Na”, “Ami Obujher Moto E Ki Korechhi”, “Prothomo Shokal” and “Jodi Surer Dolatey” was received well.

The audience gave artiste Parvathy Baul rounds of applause while she was taking the stage. She started off with chanting a sloka. The devoted Vaishnabi first offered the song “Tai Ami Gaud Bole Daki” to express her devotion towards the eternal soul. The artiste then danced to the self-searching piece “Amar Bhetore” with ektara in one hand and duggi in another. Parvathy, with her repeated circular movements, expressed joy and amused the audience. She also performed other songs including, “Esho Hey Amar Sakhi” and “Kichhudin Mon-e Mon-e”.

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