Published On: Thu, Oct 27th, 2016

Lara Trump celebrates Deepavali at Hindu temple

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump visited the Rajdhani temple on Tuesday on the outskirts of the U.S capital, as part of the continuing efforts of the campaign to reach out to the Indian American community.

Indian Americans are predominantly supporters of the Democratic Party. Mr. Trump became the first presidential candidate to attend an Indian American event early this month. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has not attended any community event during the campaign, but there are several Indian Americans who are associated with her campaign. “Democrats talk a lot for India, Republicans do a lot for India,” said Shekhar Tiwari, who was part of the group that organised the Deepavali event at the temple.

According to the original plan, Ivanka Trump, the candidate’s daughter, was to attend the event. “Your religion is beautiful… This country was founded on the principle of freedom of religion and it is so amazing that we have such incredible religions within the United States of America,” she told the gathering.

Tough on immigration

“Many of you who have immigrated legally into this country understand it is a very tough process… It is not fair that other people are allowed to come in by jumping over a border and our tax dollars are taking care of them,” she said, explaining her father-in-law’s tough position on immigration.

Rajesh Gooty, a community activist who organised the event, said: “Americans of all faiths celebrate Christmas, so is Deepavali is celebrated by all Indians irrespective of faith and brings renewed energy and purpose to Hindus world over.

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