I’m an older millennial, but all my adult life I’ve had access to technology and have been constantly plugged in. So for 10 days, I didn’t look at my phone or computer once. I checked nothing – no texts, email, social handles. I didn’t know what that felt like at the time. So it was really magical. It was an overall mind-body-soul detox, and in the process I learned how to quiet my mind and meditate,” she said.

Last month, Brown led a free pop-up meditation at The League fitness studio in the Heights with some 50 people. She hopes to encourage a younger generation, especially those in love with hip-hop, to find their zen.

“Meditation shows up for you when you’re not doing it, not while you’re doing it. … So I’m a big believer that it’s a great idea to start your day with it because it sets the tone for the amount of peace you will keep for yourself and the rest of the day,” she said.

So how do you know it’s working? Brown gets that question a lot.

“I knew meditation was working when I stopped cursing people out in traffic,” she said. “I know that sounds funny. Road rage is a big part of my daily life. But I noticed after a few weeks of meditation, I’d be on (U.S.) 59 stuck in traffic and instead of cursing someone out and thinking they were bad people, I said to myself, ‘Oh gosh, they must be having a hard day.’ ”

Houston rapper Slim Thug also chats about the benefits of stillness, though he’s hesitant to call what he does meditation. Most mornings, he recites a daily prayer and uses quiet time to help him get centered.

“I try to start my day off with reading the Word just to keep me in good spirits,” said the 36-year-old who collaborated with Lakewood pastor Joel Osteen on the 2015 single, “Chuuch.” “I don’t know if that’s meditation, but it keeps me on the right track. I’ve seen it change me and people around me see that. I’m more patient, and I’m not going to let anyone ruin my day, but I need to learn to meditate. I want to take my peace to the next level.”

Meditation not hard

Simmons, the hip-hop mogul, meditates twice a day and has taught his two daughters the practice. In 2015, he launched a meditation app, Meditation Made Simple, that is a companion to his book, “Success Through Stillness” (Avent). He says while many people think meditation is hard, it’s really not.

“You sit down and put the alarm on for 20 minutes. You can’t leave until the alarm goes off. Your mind can go as crazy as it wants, and it can bounce around as much as it wants, but you’ve committed to 20 minutes. Before you know it, after five minutes the mind settles. The mind is like a monkey in a cage. It will bounce around and go as crazy as it wants but it will eventually settle. The mind always settles.”

You become happier when you meditate, he said.

That’s also what Brown has discovered.

Now, that she’s a certified meditation teacher, more and more friends and fans have asked her to share tips. She gives them sage advice, but admits she’s a seeker, like everyone else.

“I’m not Deepak (Chopra). I’m someone who has been in the hip-hop world for a living. I want people to understand you don’t have to be a certain way or live in a certain world to have peace,” she said. “Too many times, people think they are going to fail at it, but meditation is a practice. You practice the rest of your life.”