Published On: Tue, Feb 14th, 2017

Both Hindu and Muslim traditionalists urge Indian youth not to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Considering the celebration of Valentine’s Day in India, a cultural contamination from the West and commercial-interest based aspect of globalization, both the Hindu and Islamic religious groups and traditionalists have warned the young couples to refrain from public display of love on February 14.

This time, the Muslim activists from Student Islamic Organisation of India (SIOI) have asked the Indian youth not to celebrate Valentine’s Day ‘in the larger interest of the country’ and not to spend money on the purchase of valentine cards, outing, gifts and eateries to celebrate the day.

The printed pamphlets, highlighting India’s socio-economic problems and urging the youth not to blow up the money on a western celebration, are being distributed in major cities.

As usual the extreme rightist groups have also urged the youth to shun the ‘public displays of sexual affection’ and not fall into the trap of the ‘valentine card industry’ because of such acts being ‘alien to Indian culture’ since it leads to ‘vulgar exhibition of love at public places’.The followers of jailed Asaram Bapu, who had been promoting Matri-Pitri Diwas in lieu of Valinetine’s Day, fear that western tradition of Valetine’s Day will destroy the Indian traditions of strong family ties, promote permissiveness in the society, give a setback to arranged marriages, weaken Hindu joint family system and eliminate the system of full-time mothers as caregivers.


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