Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2018

Hindu monk pulls entire van with his penis as part of holy festival | Metro

The Sadhu, or baba, used his penis to pull the vehicle as a way of demonstrating his spirituality at the annual Magh Mala festival, in Allahabad, northern India.

The Magh Mala festival is organised during the Hindu religious month of Magh and sees hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims meet on the banks of the Triveni Sangam where three holy rivers – the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati – converge. Magh translated from Hindi means ‘festival of the 11th month’ and is based on the Hindu calendar. This year it began on January 2.

Sadhus reject pleasures in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and often rely on the generosity of strangers to enable them to survive. They often renounce all worldly possessions, with some opting to renounce clothing and go naked and perform feats of physical or mental strength in order for them to break the cycle of reincarnation, a major tenant of Hinduism. One Sadhu at a fair in Pushkar became famous for lifting a 35kg brick with his penis.


There are estimated to be five million Sadhus in India, belonging to thousands of different sects. When they choose to become one they must renounce all their previous life and take vows of chastity and poverty, as well as severing ties with family and offering religious services. As part of the 45-day-long festival, Hindus will gather and take ritualistic baths in the Sangham on appointed days during the holy month to wash away their sins.




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