Published On: Sun, Sep 25th, 2016

Health fair at Midwest Swaminarayan shrine

ITASCA, IL — The 39th Health Fair was successfully completed at Midwest Swaminarayan Temple in Itasca Illinois.

The September 18 event was sponsored by the temple, Lohana Association of Greater Chicago (LAGC), Gujarati Samaj of Chicago (GSC) and Kadva Patidar Samaj (KPS).

The goal was to provide medical check-up to all those who may not be able to afford medical services due to insurance and medical coverage problems. The fair provided free medical tests for some 410 participants.

Some 20 doctors and 110 healthcare professionals provided their volunteer services. Registration and front desk services were provided by Bharat Thakkar, Nalini Shah, Bhupendra Thakkar, Naresh Dekhtawala, Bharti Desai, Kamlesh Shah and Alpesh Thakkar.

Vital data such as height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, were checked for each participant. These services were provided by Anjali Modi, Kavin Thakkar, Dr. Kamal Patel, Dr. Samir Patel, Dr. Hetal Patel, Simrin Raju, Shaan Patel, and Arjun Patel. Blood sugar testing and consultation were provided by Kishore Chugh, Vivek Patel, Urvashi Thakkar, and Rajesh Chotalia.

Volunteers were found to be very busy at the blood sample collection tables where the volunteers included Bakul Thakkar, Janak Patel, Shilpa Thakkar, Vinu Patel, Mayuri Zaveri, Kinnari Kansara, Daya Bhimani, Chhya Shah, Mukesh Panchal, Premlata Kapadia, Pragna patel, Manisha Pasawala and Rachna Sadiwala.

Blood samples of 413 patients were collected and sent to the UIC laboratory for testing. The blood report will be reviewed by doctors and will be mailed to each patient within three weeks.

Urine Analysis was performed by Dimple Thakkar, Alkaben Patel, Harshida Parikh, Khushi Thakkar and Vineet Patel.

There were 5 EKG machines to provide EKG for male and female participants aged 55, continually operated by many volunteers, including Dr. Rajendra Thakkar, Nina Patel, Vipin Shah, Kishan Thakkar, Chaya Marfatia, Anish Raju, Naren Barot, and Ramesh Thakkar.

The EKG results were interpreted to the patient by cardiologist Shailesh Zaveri.

Physical examination and physical consultation were provided by primary care physicians like Dr. Ashok Shah, Dr. Jayashree Raju, Dr. C. M. Modi and Dr. Vijay Patel.

Dental Examination and consultation were provided by Dr. Priyanka Patel and Dr. Neha Sheth.

Nutritional, diet and diabetes education were provided by Darshana Vyas and Diptiben Shah. This time, Karishma Thakkar provided demonstration for hand on CPR and taught many people how to save a person’s life in critical situation.

The bone density test was performed for women aged above 45 by Jigna Thakkar and Carla Zang. Mammogram and peps registration was done by Harshita Mehta and Sarah Rao from Xilin Association in Naperville, IL Oby/Gyn services and bone density consultation were provided by Dr. R. Gardi.

Eye screening and consultation were provided by Dr. Parag Majmudar and ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultation by Dr. Ramesh Patel.

Chiropractic exams were performed by Dr. Pranav Patel. Physical therapy was headed by Nitul Thakkar and hearing testing by Dr. Chandra Dachepalli.

This year, flu 300 shots were provided by Sushila Patel, Parita Desai, Gita Patel and Hardik Patel.

This is the 27th year that Jayanti Thakkar is coordinating the health fair in various temples in Chicagoland area (1989-2016 ).

The organizers, including Jayanti Thakkar thanked all leaders from different organizations, community leaders, volunteers as well as doctors and paramedical staff for their dedication and support without any expectations.

The Itasca Swaminarayan temple team did a great job again providing all support required and their help, fully dedicated strength and time for a good cause of the community.

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