Published On: Sat, Oct 7th, 2017

Famous Hollywood Stars Who Converted To Hinduism

Hinduism is enchanting to people from countries other than India, no wonder so many come to visit this country every year.  The Vedas and Upanishads are so powerful that it draws devotees from different continents and backgrounds.
Thousands of people in the west have chosen the religion over their own as if the truth of this world has any specific language but they found answers in Hinduism that were otherwise unknown.
Out of the many here are the biggest names of the west who chose Hinduism. 
Julia Roberts

She revealed that she was practicing Hinduism actively. It is believed that this change took place after she shot for the movie ‘eat, pray, love’. She adds on to say  that it makes her a more compassionate and loving person.
Russell Brand
Famous comedian and actor, Russel follows transcendental meditation and actively follows Hinduism. He also had a Hindu wedding with Katy Perry in Rajasthan where a Hindu priest did a traditional Hindu wedding.
Hugh Jackman

The X- star has a sanskrit inscription engraved wedding ring which reads  “Om paramar mainamar” that means, “we pledge our union to a higher source” . He is also believed to practise Hinduism, he follows the Upanishads and  Bhagwad Gita besides the Socrates scriptues.
Robert Downey Jr.
The Iron-Man star converted to Buddhism but continues to be a firm believer of the Hare Krishna ideology. He was born a jew but now believes in Krishna consciousness. He is also a follower of ISKCON and calls himself a ‘jubu’.
Miley Cyrus

The famous singer who is known for blasphemous content actually is a Hindu worshiper. She was also in the news for conducting a Lakshmi pooja in her house for better finances and did not shy away from sharing all this on her instagram account with pictures of a pandit and the whole set up.

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