Published On: Tue, Oct 11th, 2016

1-of-a-kind Hindu temple opens in Newington | FOX 61

NEWINGTON–A newly-built temple is one-of-a-kind, at least in North America.

The Vallabhdham Temple is a Hindu temple in Newington, but that’s not what makes it unique. It’s new home is what is so special.

The new building is wooden and hand-carved, mostly in India, which is a first for our continent.

Rajeev Desai, a leader at the temple, said that people like his son were the inspiration for the temple, which first opened in a different building in 2008.

“When my son was a kid, he often used to go to the church every Sunday, he said, ‘where is the place for me, where I can go?’ There was no place for our Hindu community, our Indian community, to pray and do the worship,” Desai said.

But the community changed that. Desai explained, “So we wanted to make something, a unique temple. And this would bring our culture and heritage back because in the old days, 500 years back, all the temples are made with wood.”


The temple will offer religious, spiritual, educational, cultural and social activities for Hindus throughout New England, specifically those of the PushtiBhaktiMarg Hindu tradition.

This weekend, the temple will inagurate the Vaishnav deities ShriGovardhanNathji and ShriKalyanraiji.

The temple is located at 26 Church Street in Newington, and all Krishna devotees are invited to participate. For more information click here.


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