AJMER: Italian ambassador to India, Lorenzo Angeloni, said education is the universal necessity and only mean of development. Lorenzo distributed cameras to girl students in Pushkar Friday and also initiated a centre for learning stitching to girls free of cost. Lorenzo also visited Brahma Temple and offered prayers on the occasion of Shivratri.

It was the simplicity of Italian ambassador which attracted locals and he talked to children directly. He said Rajasthan is a colourful place and people are good. He distributed about 60 cameras to girls and asked to click happy moments of their lives.

These cameras were donated by Italian citizens so that girls too can learn the art of taking photos.

Lorenzo also went to the temple to offer prayers and participated in puja.

“The school here is run by Fior di loto India which is an international organization and qualitative education is given free of cost to all girl students here,” said Jyoti Swaroop Deepu Maharishi, president of the Indian Organization.

He said value education is the key of school and the organization is supporting the cause worldly. The school was started in 2003 and has more than 500 girls. The program was organized by Fior di loto of Italy and chairperson Emanuela Sabbatini conducted this workshop for girl students. “This is important as it develops sense of learning as well as increase confidence,” said Emanuela.

She said one day she found that small rural girls look curiously to foreign tourists when they roam with cameras and then she decided to teach these girls how to operate camera. The organization will prepare an album of first photograph taken by these girls aging 5-14 years and will exhibit in different offices of the organization throughout the world. The program was run by social worker Som Ratan Arya.