Sanskrit is the finest and most accurate language  to have ever existed on earth. The Sanskrit letter sets were found by the Rishis in profound state of meditation. Those letters in order are acoustic foundations of Chakras of human body. So while speaking in Sanskrit,  the sounds we proclaim will make vibration in our chakras which control our vrittis making psyche quiet and of good considerations.

This is what people have been tweeting on #SanskritAndScience today.

According to researchers at NASA, Sanskrit is the finest language to be used and considered fit for complex fields like Artificial Intelligence where computers can be literally designed in such a way that they can think for themselves and not have to be completely dependent on human commands.

While there are already more than 14 universities in Germany that teach Sanskrit, it is sad to know that our own Indian Hindus like Kapil Sharma make fun of the great treasure of Bharat, that’s Sanskrit.

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In this Video, Prof Dean Brown  explains  that most European dialects can be followed back to a root dialect that is certainly identified with Sanskrit – the hallowed dialect of the old Vedic Hindu religions of India. A lot of English words really have Sanskrit inceptions. So also, numerous Vedic religious ideas can likewise be found in Western society. He examines the major thought of the Upanishads – that the primordial substance of every person, the atman, is indistinguishable to the entire universe, the standard of brahman. In this sense, the polytheistic conventions of India can be said to be monastic at their extremely center. Learning Sanskrit is perhaps one of the best ways to discover yourself and your ancient, scientific Heritage that west is rediscovering today and you are ignoring.

This is why UNESCO has also decided to add Vedic Chanting in Sanskrit to its List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. UNESCO agreed that Vedic chanting in Sanskrit language has a profound impact on Human Mind, Body and Soul.