Published On: Mon, Jul 11th, 2016

Burhan Wani: How media turned a chickenhearted Terrorist into a Braveheart? – The Frustrated Indian

How to make something out of nothing is an art our media has excelled into. Most of the times what they make out of nothing is equally useless as the input. This time is Burhan Wani, the resident of Tral, in South Kashmir.

What is absolutely shameful and disgusting is what his death is being made into by the elite journalist clique of Indian Media.

They made a hero out of an extremist. Indian Express’ Facebook page changed its display picture to that of the funeral procession of Burhan Wani. Strangely they were silent on the slogans of Azaadi and anti-India rants that were raised during the procession. After all how would an image tell about the slogans?

Barkha Dutt tried evoking sympathies of the people by calling him the son of a headmaster (who ironically works in a government school but abuses India) who just engaged in social media war.

Barkha seems to have lost it as the poor son of the poor headmaster was displaying Kalashnikovs in his social media war. If not for any attacks, he should have been sent to jail under Arms Act for illicit possession of prohibited weapons. The poor chap was busy challenging the security establishments and issuing threats.

Rahul Kanwal blamed his picking up of arms on bleak future and poverty but then nearly 70% of India is earning less than a dollar a day. Shouldn’t they all pick the arms up and start fighting the army?

Rajdeep meanwhile compared Burhan Wani with Bhagat Singh, thereby insulting the son of the soil on whose martyrdom, we all are proud of.

Bhagat Singh was not a separatist. He fought against the British for the independence of entire India including Jammu and Kashmir. He did not start a cult nor did he wore a suicide belt and went about bombing Brits aimlessly. The bomb he threw in the central assembly was thrown at a place where no was seated and did not have any shrapnels. He courted his arrest, something a coward like Burhan Wani could not even think of even in his dreams but then Rajdeep has the tag of belonging to the intelligentsia and he is free to label anyone as per his wishes even if that means denigrating and disrespecting a martyr.

The father of Burhan Wani is a government employee and openly lauds his son’s picking up of arms against the system that feeds him. The media highlighted that Burhan Wani had an educated background but maintain silence on how his father is alright after learning that his son is a terrorist and had to die in the path of the true deen and the holy book.

Burhan Wani did not have any attack on the security agencies to his credit and as far as sparking a recruitment for terrorists goes the MHA statistics state something in contrast to what is being propogated by the media.

In the first six months, the intrusions have been at a 2 year low, just 36 down from 65 in 2014.

The new recruitment from the valley is also at a 2 year low down to just 39 in the first six months of 2016 from 76 and 56 for the corresponding periods in the year 2015 and 2014 respectively.

Burhan Wani ran away from his home some 6 years ago and to his credit, has some videos and a clash with the army in which he was slayed along with 2 others in these 6 years. All he is being lionized is for his videos in which he dared the security agencies without a balaclava on his face!! Media it seems to have been mesmerized by his looks and seems to be hell bent upon giving him the undue credits.

Burhan Wani was a failure not only as a terrorist (the only thing he tried his hands on) but also as a human being for having wasted his precious life for a useless cause.

Source: Burhan Wani: How media turned a chickenhearted Terrorist into a Braveheart? – The Frustrated Indian

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