Haridwar: A six-day workshop on yoga and ayurveda started at Gurukul Kangri University in Haridwar on Monday. The workshop sponsored by the Ayush ministry saw 32 yoga experts and professors from various universities across the country in attendance. Over the next few days, the experts would give lectures on yoga and pranayam and present research papers.

Addressing the participants, yoga guru Surakshit Goswami said that the purpose of yoga was to cleanse the soul. “All our senses are controlled by the soul. The result of our good and bad deeds leave an impression on the soul. So one should keep one’s soul pure through yoga and pranayam. The only purpose of types of yoga like Hathyoga, Rajyoga, Asthangyoga, Bhkatiyoga, Mantrayoga, Kundalini yoga is cleansing the soul,” he said.