Published On: Wed, Aug 24th, 2016

Ways To Decorate Krishna For Janmashtami-With Yashoda

“Haathi Ghora Palki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki”. The much awaited Hindu festival, Janmashtami has come closer. It is time to decorate your pooja room and bring the charm and brightness to welcome Bal Gopal into the house. Janmashtami is the holy Hindu festival which remarks the birth of Lord Vishnu. The most popularly worshiped form of Lord Krishna during Janmashtami is, Bal Gopal or Kanha.

There are many names of the baby Krishna. Bal Gopal and Kanha or Kanhaiya Lal are the most popular among other names of Lord Krishna. During Janmashtami, kids decorate the pooja room and set up a different theme every year to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.

From using rope lights to decorating with flowers and toys, Bal Gopal idols are set with full charm and love inside the house. There are many ways of decorating Krishna idol at home. In most of the houses, the baby Krishna idols are used for decorations. This is to signify the birth of Lord Krishna and adorn the childish and naught avatar of Him.

If you have a Bal Gopala at home and want to deck Him up for Janmashtami celebrations, then here are few best ways to decorate the idol for this Hindu festival.

Ways To Decorate Krishna For Janmashtami:


It is one of the best ways to decorate the pooja room for Janmashtami. Use bright colourful flowers like marigold and rose to cover the floor or singhasan.


Cover the wall behind with glittering curtains of different colours. Red, yellow and blue are widely used colours in Hinduism.


You can decorate the Lord Krishna and Radha idols this Janmashtami with aromatic jasmine flower garland.


Bal Gopal outfits are very long and spread across a large space. Make sure you pick up a nice outfit and accessorise it with kada, neckpiece, flute and mukut (tiara).

Bejeweled Mukut

Krishna was a shepherd prince so, He always wore a crown. Lord Krishna idol can be decorated on Janmashtami with special bejeweled mukut.

Peacock Feathers

Lord Krishna idols can also be decorated with the peacock feathers. The feathers can be spread at the background.

Winter Special

In most of the houses, Bal Gopal outfits are weaved with woolen for winters. You can try the winter theme idea to decorate Krishna on Janmashtami.


You can also decorate the Krishna idol on a jhula which is decorated with flowers.


Decorate the sides with the silver and mud cows. It will bring the traditional and spiritual touch to the decor.

Red and Yellow

You can use bright colours like red and yellow outfit as the colours holds a spiritual significance in Hinduism.

Chandan Prints

You can decorate the face of Bal Gopal with chandan prints.


In most of the houses, Bal Gopal is seated on a well-decorated singhasan. This singhasan looks lovely!

Metal Singhasan

If you want to place the idol on a small singhasan, then this metal one will be best for you.

Bejeweled Outfit

How about studding the Krishna outfit with some beads and stones. Looks bright and shiny.


The diamond jewellery makes Bal Gopal shine bright!

With Yashoda

This is one of the best ideas to decorate Krishna on Janmashtami. With Yashoda Maiya, Bal Krishna looks cute.

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