Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

Viral Fake Alert: Baba Ramdev’s ‘sanskari’, world’s cheapest 5G smartphone ‘available online’ | The Financial Express

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has not only been doing great business in the FMCG segment but also in a lot of other segments that this unique company has set its ‘sanskari’ down-to-earth heart on. From Patanjali ‘Maggi’ to juices, detergent powder and much, much more, there is hardly anything which it does not sell under its name. Most products have been very popular and people rush to know about any new launch that the company may be coming up with. The latest instance of one such product made people go wild as it really tickled their imagination. And what might that be? A smartphone! A 5G handset at that!

From taking down 2008 Olympic silver medalist Andriy Stadnik to being the guest of honour on popular comedy TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma, Baba Ramdev has probably checked off most of the things on popular personalities’ must-do bucket list. To it now he can add a smartphone! Or can he not? Sadly, for all baba Ramdev product lovers, it must be revealed that the news is fake. Unfortunately, this fact is being revealed now well after the Patanjali Phone P1s 5G news went viral.

The smartphone was put online by a website that says this phone, which is loaded with all the five ‘sanskar’ would be free of infections and will also support the Sanskrit language. The phone was kept in the Rs 500 – Rs 5,000 range and the website hailed it as the world’s cheapest 5g phone. Also provided were links on the site from where the interested consumers could make a booking for the phone. Moreover, it said that this phone would soon be available on Flipkart andAmazon.

The features of the phone mentioned on the site include ‘pre-installed cocks for wake up call along with free daily morning SMS from Baba Ramdev ‘Quotes’. The site claims that one would be able to charge the phone with Solar energy and says that it is ‘herbal phone’. They have also explained the procedure of buying the phone step by step.

If nothing, the people behind the claim at least deserve a standing ovation for their imagination. Now, even if Baba Ramdev himself announces its launch, it would be hard to believe its true. Until then, let us just call it a trap that went viral

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