NEW DELHI: A ‘Tiranga rally’ with a 200-foot Tricolour was carried out by a group of people in “defence of the Hindu faith” on Saturday evening at India Gate. The protesters claimed several pictures circulating on social media in the aftermath of the Kathua gang-rape and murder were offensive to Hinduism.

“The Kathua rape is wrong but we will not tolerate the attempt by some to use it to malign my country and my faith,” said rebel AAP legislator Kapil Mishra. Mishra added that while no one is defending the rapists, “there has to be a CBI investigation”.

The event was organised by lawyer Prashant Patel under his organisation, Mission Vande Mataram. Patel supported Mishra, claiming that the rape was being used to spread hatred against Hinduism. “Some people are making cartoons and circulating them on social media. Those cartoons are obscene and we cannot tolerate this. I have filed complaints against a journalist and a cartoonist against this,” Patel said.

The flag, however, could only move about a few metres due to the area being crowded. Of the nearly 100 people who arrived for the event, most were youngsters.

Garvit Vij, an MBA student from Amity Noida, said “people cannot tarnish the name of our faith in India and abroad”.

Aswini Dubey, a Supreme Court lawyer, questioned the chargesheet and doubted that the eight-year-old girl was raped in a small temple complex. He added that the Tricolour rally in Jammu organised by Hindu Ekta Manch was not to defend rapists.