Published On: Sat, Oct 10th, 2015

There is no cow slaughter or beef eating in Vedas or any classical


There is no mention of cow slaughter or beef eating in Vedas or any authenticated Sanatan Shatras (scriptures) nor it is a Hindu custom at all. After the Islamic invasion in India, the communal Muslim rulers tried to hurt and demean the Hindu sentiments through cow slaughter. Even then, some rulers like Humayun or Akbar issued directives not to kill cows to control the wrath and repercussion out of the sacrileges.

But, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh says Rishi-Maharshi also used to eat beef. In a election rally in Bihar, this great pundit of RJD said, “It’s written in Vedas that Rishi-Maharshi (saints) also used to eat beef… There is no point discussing it at present (at a time when elections are held).”

It is difficult to assess whether this political stooge of pseudo secularism does know the Sanskrit language or had he gone through the Vedas at least once. But, as this man claims his political heights and Indian media morons run after him, he clandestinely  spreads this misconception all around about ‘Cow slaughter’ and ‘Beef eating’ in Vedas.

Another self styled expert in Vedas and Hindu scriptures D N Jha (Dwijendra Narayan Jha), a prominent member of the Communist school, exhorts the gibberish about same beef eating and cow slaughter without understanding the Vedas, Hindu scriptures and Indian values. Engineered by his love for beef and Muslim community, he has written a book titled as “The Myth of the Holy Cow” in which he tried only to customize the beef eating in the denying Hindu society.

Recently his opinion was highlighted by ‘BBC Hindi section’ under a caption,भारत में गोहत्या कब, कैसे पाप बना (When and how cow slaughter counted as a sin in India). This article is full of untruth and just a propaganda for beef eating without giving any reference from scriptures.

In these days he is again appeared in the media like ‘Daily O’ through another beef lover Ursila Ali under a caption Why Hindus stopped eating beef and began to worship cows. This article is also full of concoction of anti-Hindu politics and the propagation for cow killing.

Those who are little conscious about Vedas, other classical Hindu scriptures and Indian values, they know the Hindu’s highest veneration for Go Mata (Mother cow) and Brishav (Ox) comes from  traditional Hindu culture and tradition. Killing of cows are treated as an extreme sin and cows are declared as a sacred living being beyond hurting anyway.

Veda exponent Adi Shankara, Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati or Shri Aurobindo categorically declared cow as holy being and never included as any purpose of slaughter anyway anywhere in the scriptures like Vedas and authenticated Puranas.

Many Arya Samaj scholars in Vedas and Hindu Pontiffs and researchers invited these academic and political morons to have a discussion and know the reality of Hindu shastras in connection with cow slaughter and beef eating, but they did not ready to reach the truth about it.

A Hindu Vedic organ, “Agniveer” challenged these ‘cow killers’ and ‘beef lovers’ before misguiding others by misusing Vedas and other Hindu scriptures, but the politicalization and the Muslim appeasements in India keep the ‘Beef Party’ high and popular out of a vote bank politics. The reference and research of Vedas and other Hindus scriptures have no values to these beef lovers and hater of Hindu culture and tradition.

But, the truth about Holy Cow, importance of Cow resource in Indian agriculture, health and economy and its protection must be revealed as a part of existential elements for the Hindu tradition and culture in Bharat.

In this  context the following materials from Go Raksha Page of Hindu Existence in should be recapitulated once again.

Source: There is no cow slaughter or beef eating in Vedas or any classical

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