Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017

From terrorism to climate change, PM Narendra Modi prescribes Yoga as global panacea | The Financial Express

Prime Minister Narnedra Modi on Thursday said that “World is today threatened by challenges-terrorism, climate change.” Underlining that “there should be peace among nations”, PM Modi prescribed Yoga as “a way to create such harmony and peace within individuals, families, societies, nations.” Addressing International Yoga festival in Rishikesh via video conferencing, “Yoga expands our limited sense of self to see our families, societies and mankind and extension of our own self.” “Yoga makes an individual a better person in thought, action , knowledge and devotion,” the PM says.

Extolling the ancient Indian discipline of Yoga, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for efforts to protect nature and mould human activities to bring them in sync with ecological surroundings. Praising the ancient practice of Yoga, whose goal is to bring the practitioner’s body, mind and spirit in tune with each other, Modi had told the gathering that by “practising Yoga, a spirit of oneness is created. Oneness of mind, body and the intellect, oneness with our families and with the society we live in, with fellow humans and with birds, animals and trees.” “This is Yoga, Yoga is a journey from me to we,” he said, emphasising India’s biggest strength was its diversity.

PM Modi is an avid yoga lover and has time to time emphasized on the positives of the ancient discipline. PM Modi had urged United Nations to declare June 21 as International Yoga Day. So far International Yoga Day has been celebrated across India as well as world on June 21.

Earlier in the day PM Modi lauded the defence scientists for the successful testing of interceptor missile and said it is a proud moment for the entire country. “Hearty congratulations to our defence scientists for the successful demonstration of ballistic missile defence capability,” he tweeted. “With this, India joins the select group of five nations with such capability- a proud moment for the entire country,” he added in another tweet. India yesterday successfully test-fired an indigenously developed supersonic interceptor missile capable of destroying any incoming enemy missile at low altitude.

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