Published On: Sat, May 12th, 2018

Temples lead the green way, compost made out of used flowers | Times of India

MUMBAI: Enter any religious place and the first thing you will probably notice is the abundance of flowers there. Ever wonder what happens to those sacred flowers once prayers are performed.

According to many religious beliefs, flowers that are offered during prayers are sacrosanct and cannot be dumped into the garbage once they’ve wilted. So, people prefer to discard them in the water bodies.

That being an environmental hazard, some religious places are contributing to a garbage-free campaign in Mumbai along with some housing societies. Two temple trusts in Vile-Parle area are converting the remains of an offering made to deities such as flowers, coconut, sweets, ghee, curd etc into compost.

This compost has been applied to almost 150 trees in the area.

Aniket Karandikar, one of the trustees of the temple, said that Parleshwar and Mahalakshi temples in Parle area of Mumbai has taken this initiative and has been implementing it for the last two and a half years.

Three boxes have been kept in the temples to make the compost. Temple employees mix these things daily and also sprinkle water on it.

Kitchen compost has been added to increase the pH value of the compost. Every month 6-7 bags of compost has been produced.

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