Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017

Simple yoga key to stress free & healthy life: Sri Sri at Madhya Pradesh Assembly

Bhopal: In his 45 minute interaction with leaders and visitors in state assembly on Wednesday, Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar highlighted benefits of yoga for professionals, who spend long hours before computers. Preferring to describe simple exercises as desktop yoga, he says, one can do it by sitting in chair.

He congratulated the state government for coming up with Asia’s first Happiness Ministry in the state. Sri Sri talked about the suicide and violence in the society. He said law cannot stop it. Spirituality can address the issue.

“Japan is known for team work, Germany for its precision, Britain for decency and America is known for marketing, but India is known for its human values throughout the world.”

For lawmakers, Sri Sri says, there must be a hall of silence in state assemblies. The legislators must sit there for some time to get tension free and pray before making any important decision so that they could work with a positive mind as their decision impacts crores of people.

He said tension sparks violence and breaks families. “After Bhopal jail inmates were made to learn simple ways to be pure and tension free, they wrote letters telling if they were taught this earlier, they would have not committed crime,” he says.

Sri Sri Ravishankar said he came to know that agriculture production in MP has gone up. “If farmers will be happy, people who would consume their agriculture produce would also be happy,” he said.

Sri Sri taught people simple exercises to stay stress-free during work. Speaker Sitasharan Sharma, parliamentary affairs minister Narottam Mishra were present on the occasion. Earlier, he held discussions with bureaucrats.

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