Published On: Tue, Mar 1st, 2016

Shocking Expose: JNU hanged Lord Ram with suicide note- Insulted Maa Durga.

On 7/10/2014, in the campus of JNU, they hanged an effigy of Lord Ram from Neck on a tree. A few papers were also lying here and there around the tree and these were the suicide note of Lord Ram. It was a try to disturb the communal environment but it was done by some Commie “So called Seculars”, so the whole issue never saw the day light in the media.

So these are the students who are breeding in JNU. iN 2014, THEY HANGED RAM, and by 2016- They started shouting “Bharat ki Barbadi” slogans.

Read this spine chilling document leaked from the JNU security department which will tell you about what kind of snakes are bred in the university.

This article was originally published on The Lot Pot . Read the original article here.

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