Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

At Rajasthan University, Gita and Vedas replace banking, finance | Times of India

JAIPUR: After replacing foreign authors from the syllabus,Rajasthan University’s commerce department has replaced their works from the list of dissertation topics. The suggested topics for dissertation include Vedas and management, Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavir, Mahatma Gandhi, the relevance of Gita, management of stress through Yoga, etc.

These were included by axing topics on sectors like banking, finance or specific studies on government financial bodies for dissertations by semester for M Com students.

“The move is intended to make students aware of the great contribution made by the Indian scriptures, religious figures and Indian Philosophy in shaping the management world over. These epics have all elements which form the basis of modern day management system,” said Professor Naveen Mathur, former principal of Commerce College and former head of syllabus revision committee.

Chapters by the foreign authors like Robert Owen, James Burnham, Mary Parker Follett, who pioneered in the field of organisational theory and organisational behaviour, Oliver Sheldon, known for his public and business administration rules were replaced to give space to philosophies of Swami Vivekanand and Mahatma Gandhi along with religious texts in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita.

Most of the management theories and hypothesis accepted globally,” said Mathur.

were taken from India epics dates back to 5000 years old. We have just done the correction,” said Mathur.

The commerce department said changes in the dissertation were part of its efforts to “Indianise” higher education step by step. Mathur argued that while working on the dissertation students will study these scriptures in depth and would able to learn the Indian value system along with management lessons.

The university has also introduced new topics on paper presentations for semester 2nd students. Half of the topics are similar to those of dissertation while there are new additions under the category of management gurus.

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