Published On: Sat, Mar 4th, 2017

Pontiffs vow to protect Hindu Sanatana Dharma

Tirumala, (UNI) The essence of Hindu Sanatana Dharma lies in Vedas which preaches the righteous way of leading human life and we should take forward this legacy for the sake of future generations, asserted Sri Govinda Ramanuja Chinna Jiyar Swamy of Tirumala temple.

The fourth Sanatana Hindu Dharmika Sadas has been organised by the Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust (HDPT) with the support of TTD where more than sixty seers and pontiffs from various mutts from across the country and representatives of like minded organisations took part in this one day convention that took place at Astana Mandapam here today.
The Chief of HDPT Dr PVRK Prasad in his presidential address elaborated on the aim of the convention which emphasises on the protection of Hindu Santana Dharma by taking up multi-fold service activities at the grass root level and bringing all the seers of various mutts on to a single platform.

Dr Prasad also said that in the last convention which took place on December 2, 2015 some resolutions have been made and the Trust is also able to take up some initiatives with the support of AP Endowments and TTD. “We have trained some villagers and formed a Hindu Force and today there are about 400 such members offering services as Hindu Dharma Pracharakuku. They will go to villages and see that no conversions take place in Harijanwadas.

We are providing education, food, training in dharmic activities, Bhajans villages, with these active workers it is yielding positive results”, he added.

TTD Board Chairman said TTD has been doing a series of major socio religious activities since several decades, being the custodian of world famous shrine of Tirumala as well Hindu Santana Dharma. “We are committed to take forward our activities in wide spread manner to sustain our dharma. Recently we have also introduced Gopuja on every Friday in Tirumala and it has been receiving overwhelming response from pilgrims”, he added.

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