Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017

People in a fix as temple town refuses 10 coins | The Hans India

Tirumala: Devotees of Lord Venkateswara are facing hardship as traders in the temple town and the RTC conductors are not accepting Rs.10 denomination coins. As the news that such coins are not valid is being spread by the social media they are a confused lot, even as bank officials are condemning it, saying that the coins are legal.

Local residents are depositing the coins in banks following the news that they are not being accepted, causing inconvenience to the officials. As such deposits are piling up in public sector banks, officials are refusing to exchange the coins for notes.

Even hotels are refusing to take Rs.10 denomination coins contending that they are not valid. This is causing severe anxiety among the pilgrims. While many deposit the coins in the Lord’s hundi, some prefer to carry them back home.

It appears as if effects of the demonetisation is still being felt by the people here, as the social media carries related news almost on a daily basis like the government snatching a bank account-holder’s amount, or bank lockers are to be attacked. Of course, the bank officials are asserting that such news is false.

Petty traders are being forced to collect notes in exchange for coins by spending additional amounts. They also receive coins from the devotees. Following rumours that Rs.10 coins are no more valid, even traders are refusing to accept them.

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