Published On: Fri, Aug 12th, 2016

Patanjali is again the sole bidder for Mihan food park | ET Retail

Nagpur: For the third time Patanjali Ayurved, headed by Ramdev Baba, emerged as the sole bidder for setting up a 250 acre food park in Mihan complex. After earlier tenders were cancelled as minimum participation was not achieved, now Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC), may take a call on accepting the bid submitted by Patanjali.Initially, the technical bids are submitted. Only two players turned up in the first round which included Patanjali and a lesser-known Mumbai-based group. After that only Patanjali Ayurved bid for the deal in the next two rounds, but the conditions called for having minimum three bidders.

Earlier, the financial bids were not opened as the technical bids fell short of the required number. However, now after the third round also having failed to get more bidders, the matter is being planned to be put up before the board of directors in MADC, which is the state government agency developing the Mihan project.

Sources say that now, a decision will be taken by the board of directors. If the board agrees the land may be given away to Patanjali on the basis of amount it has quoted in the financial bid.

The very idea of having a food park in Mihan began with the visit of Acharya Balkrishna visiting Nagpur earlier this year. He made a proposal to MADC about Patanjali setting up a food park in Nagpur. The venture is a part of the group’s newly started fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) business. MADC instead went for open tenders as the rates offered by Patanjali were too less as compared to those fixed by MADC.

Mihan is divided into SEZ and non-SEZ areas. MADC has fixed a rate of one crore an acre for land outside the SEZ. However, the reserve price in the tenders has been fixed at Rs25 lakh an acre. This was on the grounds that the patch being offered did not have the required infrastructure to fetch a price of one crore an acre, said a source.

In the meantime Maharashtra Industries Development Corporation (MIDC), has also independently begun the process of acquiring over 280 acres of land near Katol for Patajlai Group’s Food Park. This is a part of expansion of MIDC’s estate in the area.

A source in the MIDC said that at present the process of measuring the land to be acquired is under way. After this, compensation will be paid. Almost all the farmers have agreed for the takeover for which a rate ranging from Rs17 to 18 lakh an acre has been offered. The cost of land will be later recovered from Patanjali Ayurved by the MIDC the source said.

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