Published On: Thu, Aug 11th, 2016

No sand and cement hold this 12th century temple – Times of India

UDAIPUR: Some 25 km from Dungarpur on the banks of river Som, stands the magnificent Devsomnath temple which is no less than a charisma. This temple is unparalleled in the entire world as it is completely built on stone without packing material like lime, sand or cement etc. One may be amazed to see how the three storeys of the building could have stuck to each other and survived the ravages of time.

Built at Dev village on the banks of Som river, the temple got its name Devsomnath. “It was built by Sompuras in 12th century during the reign of king Amritpal Dev. This grand three-storey structure stands on 150 stone pillars. Each stone had been placed meticulously on moulds with perfection. Every pillar is articulate and displays distinct Takshan style,” informs Kamlesh Sharma, a history enthusiast.

Adorned pillars of sabha mandap are centre of attraction. There are unclear scribes on stone pillars. There are three entrances in east, north and south wards of the temple. Small windows (gavaksh) in grand temple, idols of dancers, different other idols, arches, entrances are a treat to watch.The garbh graha is deep down below the sabha mandap which can be reached through the stairs.

A dark black stone shivling is situated in the centre of white stone base in the main temple. The entrance gate of garbha graha is a brilliant example of construction style and intracate stone work. There is a big water tank on the back side of temple which is connected to the garbh graha through a stone canal. An idol of Lord Hanuman, is also present here.

This centuries old heritage temple is a protected monument by the archaelogy department. The temple attracts hundreds of visitors everyday . Specially on auspicious occasions related to Lord Shiva like during the ‘Shravan’ month thousands of devotees throng here for performing abhisheks and other rituals dear to the lord.

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