Ujjain: On the 8th day of Shardiya Navaratri, temples of Goddess Durga remained crowded whole the day. Devotees with great zeal and devotion performed worship of goddess Durga with rituals. The festival of Navratri looked in its full swing on Sunday and people offered their worship the goddess in different ways according to their customs and traditions.

As a ritual the city administration also takes part in the worship of goddess. On Sunday morning collector Sanket Bhondevey with his wife started worship from the temple of Choubees Khamba of goddess Mahalaya and goddess Mahamaya where he offered liquor as a custom and performed worship with all rituals.

SDM Kshitij Sharma also performed worship later on behalf of local administration and offered Prasad. Worship by administration ended at the temple of Maa Gadkalika after performing worships in 40 temples of the city. People remained engaged on Durga Ashtami with their families for worship of their ‘Kuldevi’ (patron goddess of family) in their homes with dedication and devotion.

Source: Navratri 2016 : Ujjain City celebrates Mahashtami with devotion and enthusiasm | Free Press Journal