Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

Mumbai : 2 Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas held to create awareness among Hindus

Mumbai : Daunting problem of ISIS is buzzing over Hindustan. Local fanatics are creating problems for Hindus’ survival resorting to riots, love jihad, land jihad etc. Moreover, the so-called progressive and rebels are dividing Hindus in the name of progressiveness. Lack of Dharmashikshan is promoting conversions of Hindus and blind emulation of western culture; besides the problems like corruption, increasing population, increasing crimes and farmers’ suicides. The only solution to all these problems, which are looming large over Bharatmata, is Hindu Rashtra ! Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has been therefore, holding Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas at different places for creating awareness amongst Hindus towards establishment of Hindu Rashtra i.e. righteous nation and such ‘sabha’ was held on 14th February at Prabhadevi and Jogeshwari in Mumbai in the atmosphere of divine consciousness. The speakers’ inspirational and succinct guidance gave right direction to participating devout Hindus and they were motivated to take active part in the mission of protection of nation and Dharma.

One such ‘sabha’ held at Municipal School No. 2 at Prabhadevi, was addressed by Sanatan Sanstha’s Sou. Sunita Patil, Dr. Uday Dhuri, Mumbai spokesperson of HJS and Shri. Sumit Sagavekar of HJS. The ‘sabha’ held at ‘Ichhapoorti Ganesh Mandir’, Jogeshwari was addressed by Sanatan’s Sou. Nayana Bhagat, Shri. Narendra Surve of HJS and Dr. Upendra Dahake of BJP.

Both the ‘sabhas’ were attended by office bearers and activists of various pro-Hindu organizations in large numbers and were started with blowing of conch purifying the atmosphere. Sanatan’s ‘Pujya’ (Kum.) Anuradha Wadekar lighted lamp at Prabhadevi and invited guest-speakers lighted lamp at Jogeshwari, followed with recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’ at both the venues. Report on activities undertaken by HJS was presented at Prabhadevi by Shri. Prasad Mankar and by Shri. Prashant Vaity at Jogeshwari.

Views expressed by dignitaries


Hindu Rashtra will be established by extensive unification of Hindus through their united strength ! – Dr. Uday Dhuri, HJS

Today, every devout Hindu feels that India should become a Hindu Rashtra; but everyone also feels that how Hindu Rashtra can be established. So, brothers, we have lighted this sacred fire for establishment of Hindu Rashtra. We have to establish Hindu Rashtra by staging nation-wide movement with the cooperation and support of all of you and offer oblations in this sacred fire. Extensive unification of Hindus will create effective united strength of Hindus and the secular rulers will have to declare India as a Hindu Rashtra under Constitution of this country.

Why shouldn’t ban be imposed on those openly committing crimes but demanding ban on Sanatan ? – Sou. Sunita Patil, Sanatan Sanstha

Presently, few political parties which are ignorant of own murderous history and organizations like ANiS are demanding ban on Sanatan Sanstha. Why shouldn’t Congress, which was involved in riots and mass-killing of innocent Sikhs, be banned ? It has been proved in Court that Padmasingh Patil of NCP is a murderer; then why not ban NCP ? ANiS’ connections with naxalites have been proved; so impose ban on even ANiS.

Hindus should unite forgetting their castes, creeds, parties and Sects ! – Sumit Sagavekar, HJS

Hindus need to come together forgetting their castes, creeds and parties etc. for protection of ‘Hindutva’. Terrorists, who attack us, do not see our caste and creed before attacking; therefore, it is time to think about the same and unite. We have to unite for Hindutva; for protection of Hindu Dharma, without falling prey to politics played by separatists and communalists. Hindus are not prepared to retaliate in case of attack; but we should learn self-defence for at least protecting our own families.


Hindus  should undertake spiritual practice, abide by Dharma and enhance own BrahmaTej, Kshatra-Tej and pride in own Dharma ! – Dr. Upendra Dahake, devout Hindu

Hindus are not imparted Dharmashikshan therefore, they have no pride in own Dharma and they do not unite as Hindus; leading to increase in incidents of their oppression. Hindu brethren should undertake spiritual practice and abide by own Dharma to generate ‘Brahma-Tej’ and ‘Kshatra-Tej’ amongst them so also pride towards own Dharma.

Secularism thrust upon Hindus is the cause of their deterioration ! – Narendra Surve, HJS

In last 68 years, secularism has created lot of problems for this country. Gandhi and Pt. Nehru thrust secularism upon this country; causing huge harm to Hindus. This secularism has made Hindus impotent, spineless. There is appeasement of minorities and Hindus’ oppression going on in this country under the pretext of secularism. Secularists of this country want India as a secular nation but they don’t realize that secular nation or Hindu nation is not the real problem but it is going to be option of Islamic country or Hindu nation, before India within 2-3 years. We should therefore, have knowledge of jihadi problems posed before this country.

Police should not persecute innocent people ! – Sou. Nayana Bhagat, Sanatan Sanstha

Police are in the habit of implicating Hindus and pro-Hindu organizations under false charges. Police are thus destroying life of many devout Hindu youth. Six seekers acquitted in Margao bomb blast case have gone through severe police atrocities. Sanatan seekers were continuously telling police that they were innocent but police didn’t pay any heed; in fact, all of them were  tortured  so much by police that it is difficult to even explain in words. It is an appeal to all the policemen present here that they should not persecute innocent people and get their curses because they will have to suffer either in this life or next births for such sins. Police should remember that God’s power is immensely greater compared to the power they have which is misused.

Special cooperation

1. Ground near Ganesh Mandir was made available free of cost with the cooperation of Shri. Ravindra Waikar, Minister (State) of Housing Development and Higher Education Departments.

2. Shiv Sena’s municipal councilor Shri. Anant (Bala) Nare extended support for displaying big hoardings for advertising about this ‘sabha’.

3. Shiv Sena’s MLA Shri. Ramesh Latake, Shiv Sena’s municipal councilor, Sou. Manisha Panchal from Koldongari-Andheri, BJP’s municipal councilor Sou. Ujjwala Modak from Jogeshwari, Shri. Parag Mehta and Sai Samiti, Shyam Nagar, Jogeshwari extended cooperation for holding this ‘sabha’ through different media.

4. Harshada Caterers, Jogeshwari, Mahila Gruh-udyog Bhaji-Poli Kendra, Smt. Nalini Laud, Shri. Santosh Mahale and Shri. Mohan Girkar etc. helped in providing food, tea etc. to activists in service at the venue.

5. Shri. Sapre, Shri. Mahesh Jadhav, Shriram Mandir Sanstha etc. helped in making arrangements for free lodging of activists.


Sanatan’s 57th Saint ‘Pujya’ Smt. Anandi Patil aaji graced the ‘sabha’ with her presence. BJP’s ward President Shri. Rajesh Patil, Shiv Sena’s municipal councilor, Sou. Hemangi Worlikar and its convener (Women’s wing) Sou. Sanskruti Sawant were present.

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